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Monitor Customer Journey with Amazon Marketing Cloud & DataChannel

Learn how to leverage your Amazon Marketing Cloud data by aggregating it in a data warehouse using DataChannel to better understand your customers’ buying journey.
Arti Gupta
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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Why Choose Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC)
  3. Tracking customer journey with AMC using DataChannel
  4. Advantages of using DataChannel
  5. Get Started Today

Introduction to Amazon Marketing Cloud

The global advertising market is among the fastest-growing industry sectors. As per statistics, digital ad spend is predicted to cross the $600 billion mark worldwide in 2022, and $820 billion by 2025. After the pandemic, the transition to the new digital economy was quick and subtle. Marketers are now more reliant than ever on digital advertising. The average person sees between 6000 and 10000 advertisements per day, but what matters is how many of those advertisements result in sales. The typical click-through rate for display ads in the B2B sector is approximately 0.46%. Given the low click-through rate and fierce competition, it is crucial for marketers to select the ideal media mix for their advertisements and to allocate ad spending to the channel that brings in the most customers. 

One of the leading e-commerce platforms, Amazon, serves more than 9.7 million sellers globally and has a network of over 300 million active users. Amazon has also become well-known among sellers as a trustworthy advertising platform thanks to its enormous customer base. With proper Ad tech tools to monitor and optimize digital advertising strategies, Amazon ads is the platform that works holistically to give sellers the opportunity to engage with customers through various ad products both on and off Amazon.

Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) built on Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one such measurement tool that enables advertisers to determine which advertising campaigns are most effective with consumers or, more specifically, the number of conversions that a given campaign generates across Amazon and affiliated networks. In essence, advertisers utilize AMC as a privacy-first, secure cloud-native environment to conduct analytics on pseudonymized inputs including their own data sets or Amazon Ads event data. 

Why Choose Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC)

Advertisers can gain access to a variety of advanced analytical features related to advertisements using Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) such as:

amazon etl DataChannel
  • Cross-media Insights: Advertisers can make holistic insights about the customer journey by performing analytics with inputs including different ad products (display, video, audio).
  • Choice: With a sufficient understanding of UI & APIs advertisers can extract relevant data using SQL (Structured Query Language). The relevant data is available in the form of secure event tables that enable advertisers to perform customizable research, and gather granular insights around the frequency of conversions, cost per action & the conversion rate of any ad campaign.
  • Control: The available data sets can be completely customized by the advertisers. They can tailor analytics reports to their preferred metrics saving them from having to go through any unnecessary information.
  • Clarity: It also offers total clarity regarding the effectiveness of advertising campaigns across various media. Advertisers can make educated decisions and run better-targeted advertising if they have total transparency into how customers are interacting with any given ad product.

Tracking customer journeys with AMC using DataChannel

Our Amazon Marketing integration gives you access to aggregated reports across multiple pseudonymized signals. With DataChannel you can move your data into a data warehouse of your choice, run custom queries, and configure data pipelines with duration ranging from:

  • Most Recent Day
  • Most Recent Week
  • Current Month
  • Previous Month

Our latest Amazon Marketing Cloud Integration enables you to monitor the customer journey right from the beginning. Gather in-depth insights and reports on your ad spend be it for customers at the top or bottom of the funnel. From brand awareness to brand loyalty, DataChannel has you covered.

Advantages of using DataChannel

  • 100+ Data Sources. DataChannel’s ever-expanding list of supported data sources includes all popular advertising, marketing, CRM, financial, and eCommerce platforms and apps along with support for ad-hoc files, google sheets, cloud storages, relational databases, and ingestion of real-time data using webhooks. If we do not have the integration you need, reach out to our team and we will build it for you for free.
  • Powerful scheduling and orchestration features with granular control over scheduling down to the exact minute.
  • Granular control over what data to move. Unlike most tools which are highly opinionated and dictate what data they would move, we allow you the ability to choose down to field level what data you need. If you need to add another dimension or metric down the line, our easy to use UI lets you do that in a single click without any breaking changes to your downstream process.
  • Extensive Logging, fault tolerance and automated recovery allow for dependable and reliable pipelines. If we are unable to recover, the extensive notifications will alert you via slack, app and email for taking appropriate action.
  • Built to scale at an affordable cost. Our best in class platform is built with all ETL best practices to handle billions of rows of data and will scale with your business when you need them to, while allowing you to only pay for what you use today.
  • Get started in minutes. Get started in minutes with our self-serve UI or with the help of our on-boarding experts who can guide you through the process. 
  • Managed Data Warehouse. While cloud data warehouses offer immense flexibility and opportunity, managing them can be a hassle without the right team and resources. If you do not want the trouble of managing them in-house, use our managed warehouse offering and get started today. Whenever you feel you are ready to do it in-house, simply configure your own warehouse and direct pipelines to it.
  • Activate your data with Reverse ETL. Be future-ready and don’t let your data sit idle in the data warehouse or stay limited to your BI dashboards. The unidimensional approach toward data management is now undergoing a paradigm change. Instead, use DataChannel’s reverse ETL offering to send data to the tools your business teams use every day. Set up alerts & notifications on top of your data warehouse and sync customer data across all platforms converting your data warehouse into a powerful CDP (Customer Data Platform). You can even preview the data without ever leaving the platform.

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