Streamline your processes for greater efficiency

DataChannel does the tedious work to provide you with stable & scalable data infrastructure. So that your team can focus on on scaling your reporting and analysis efforts

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End to end data management with DataChannel

Faster time to value for data

Power reporting, monitor all your KPIs and always be on top of your business performance metrics

Assured data integrity

Always maintain your data’s accuracy and granularity. Clean and prepare your data without ever affecting the raw data

Data integrity & reliability with DataChannel

Create a future-proof solution

No matter how your tech stack changes, we will support you. You have complete flexibility and choose to change the data warehouse or the reporting solution

Future proof scalable ETL & Reverse ETL pipelines with DataChannel

Get complete observability with latest version of your customers data

DataChannel ensures your models are using the latest data from the right sources, all in your warehouse. This improves the quality and confidence of your reporting in your BI tool or in Google Sheets with our integration that keeps the reports in sync

Observability in ETL process with DataChannel
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High Performer 2023 G2 - DataChannel

Automate your data transfer with reliable, scalable and stable pipelines

Granular control over pipeline configuration
Advanced scheduling options
Automated handling of source schema changes
SQL Model Builder & Editor
Multiple Sync Behaviors - Upsert, Replace or Append
Set up alerts directly on top of your data warehouse
Secure credential management with OAuth2
Activity & change history tracking
Real time alerts & failure notifications
Preview data without ever leaving the platform
Extensive documentation & on-screen help
Comprehensive Logs & complete visibility of pipeline health

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