What we do

Every business is in the business of Data. In the era of digital transformation every company is now amassing more and more data. The ones that best use their data to create competitive advantage will win.We help you to reach and integrate all the data accumulated across all the platforms. We’re dedicated, transparent and trusted by businesses that embrace agile analytics.

Our Values

Transparency and Candor

Full transparency in all actions and communication. Share opinions or concerns openly without fear. Do the right thing, even when it's harder in the short run

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Work smarter, not harder

Have a bias towards action and leverage technology to work for you whenever possible. Find the work life balance that works for you and then lean a bit more towards life.

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Trust and Care

One team, One dream. Assume positive intent and do not let other's fail when you can. Respect diverse opinion and trust your team to have your back. Diversity in thought and unity in actions.

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Humility and Maximizing Growth

Never pull rank and leave your ego at the door. Be ready to learn from whoever you can. Have higher standards and expectations of yourself, than others do of you. Actively move the needle forward everyday for yourself and the team.

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Encourage independent thought and original thinking. Make your own calls, say and do things you think are right and not what "they" think is right.

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Meet the people behind
the product

Avni Sood

Co-Founder & CEO

Sandeep Singh

Co-Founder & CTO

Aditya Sudan

Head of Product

Saurabh Omar

Product Manager

Rijumone Chowdhary

Lead Developer

Rahul Kumar

Senior Developer

Ankit Juneja

Senior Developer







Abhishek Tiwari

Manager Analytics

Mitali Narula

Manager - Sales
Piyush Roy - Profile Image

Piyush Roy

Manager - Sales
Swati Sudan

Swati Sudan

Lead Technical Writer

Nikhil Jain

Data Analyst

Raaghav Gaur

Associate Product Manager

Arti Gupta

Content & Digital Media

Reetika Rana

Senior Manager - TA


Senior Manager - TA

Rishabh Sohal

UX Analyst


Finance Manager

Shivam Kashyap

UI/UX Designer
Karan Rawat DataChannel

Karan Rawat

QA Analyst
Pavneet Kaur - DataChannel

Pavneet Kaur

Senior Finance Associate
Harsh Gupta - DataChannel

Harsh Gupta

Mahesh Keswani

Mahesh Keswani


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