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Rows included per month
1 Million
5 Million
Billions of rows
Additional rows
5M to 30M
$ 15 / million
Above 30M  
$ 10 / million
Custom pricing
Data Sources
Managed Data Warehouse
50 GB
Add On
Custom pricing
Connect own Data Warehouse
Reverse ETL
(01 Destination)
(Add On)
User Accounts
Data Models
Ingestion Log Retention
7 Days
1 year
Advanced Scheduling
1:1 Assisted On-Boarding
Security Certifications
Custom Connector On Request
Historical Data Load
Templatized BI Dashboards
Dedicated Data Architect
Dedicated Account Manager
Multiple Destination Support
Custom Terms & Redlines
24x5 Email
Email & Chat
Slack, Email & Chat

Optional Add Ons

Reverse ETL

Activate your data and empower your business teams

$200 / month

Includes 4 destinations

$50 per additional destination

No-Code Audience Builder

Managed Data Warehouse

Don't want the headache of managing a data warehouse? We have you covered!

$200 / month

Includes 150 GB of storage space

Complete access to your data

Choose between Google Bigquery or Amazon Redshift

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High Performer 2023 G2 - DataChannel

"DataChannel makes ETL easy, effective & efficient." - Tom Murray

Managing Director, Jump 450 Media

All we did was set up a few pipelines by entering our credentials and tweaking some source-specific parameters like breakdown criteria, frequency of update, etc. to suit our client’s needs, and that’s it. Now, thirty different sources are being automatically aggregated & delivered into our AWS Redshift warehouse, at a granularity and frequency of our choosing without us ever writing a single piece of code whatsoever.

"DataChannel is flexible and scalable."

"It has everything we need, from granular control over data we are integrating, to a quick turnaround time by the support team.

Puneet Tripathi, Head of Analytics @ Wakefit
data sources integrated
man hours saved per month

"DataChannel redefines your relationship with data."

"Our team simply loves DataChannel, it enables them to make data-driven marketing decisions and that too in real-time.”

Kshitij N, Marketing Analyst
data sources integrated
man hours saved per month

"DataChannel is a reliable data ETL and replication partner."

"Prior to DataChannel, my team was deferring to manual reports, pivot tables, and built in dashboards on our advertising channels. Data Channel helped us save tons of time with the repetitive data download, cleaning, and aggregation."

Emily L, co-founder, Small Business
data sources connected
Million rows of data moved per month

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Select from a growing library of 100+ fully managed connectors and 20+ destinations - SaaS apps, databases, data warehouses, and more.

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Mitali Narula

Got questions?

We are here to help. We will be glad to address any queries you may have about billing and pricing.

What does the Free Trial include?

We offer a no-commitment trial, with access to all destinations and features, for 14 days. After that, your account will convert into a Free plan.

Can I ask for help setting up DataChannel even if I'm on the Free plan?

Yes. We’re happy to help customers regardless of their size. Please email us and book a time with us and we’ll make sure set up is as effortless as possible.

What if you do not have an integration I need?

We would be happy to build it for you. For our Enterprise plan customers we do so on-priority. Write to us with your request at

What is DataChannel managed data warehouse?

If you wish to avoid the hefty cost of creating and managing your own data warehouse, you can use our professionally trained DBAs and host your the data in our secure cloud-hosted data warehouse with options to choose between AWS Redshift or Google Bigquery.

Can I get support for my Data Visualization or Dashboarding requirements?

Yes. We have a number of implementation partners with Data Visualization experts having extensive experience of working with various technologies like Tableau, PowerBI, Klipfolio, Amazon QuickSights, Google Data Studio.

I have more questions. Where can I find answers?

Please reach out to our sales team at and book a time with our specialists. We will get back to you at the earliest.

How does your pricing compare with alternatives?

We are proud to have one of the most fair and competitive offerings. Please visit this comparison page to see how we stack up against our competitors.

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