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One Umbrella Solution for all Data Sources: Data Warehousing

Data warehouses play a crucial part in eradicating data silos. It helps in aggregating data from various platforms, essentially removing data silos.
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The world as we knew, is not there anymore. Also, the ways and means we used to navigate life and businesses are not the same as well. To keep pace, businesses have turned towards technology-driven solutions. As more and more businesses associate themselves with the digitised world, the influence and power exercised by data is bound to increase.

However, this very data, residing in multiple platforms is a double edged sword for its enabler. On one hand, it enables professionals to make decisions quickly and effectively, on the other, answering questions like “Which platform to choose for storage and analytics? How to measure the efficiency of the chosen method? How to manage the massive data being generated? How to yield maximum results with minimum resource expenditure ? ” are proving to be a nightmare for professionals across business verticals alike.  

This blog will help you answer one of the biggest questions around business analytics and data management, and that is – How to aggregate data spread across a variety of platforms in a single place, to actually make any sense of it.

DataChannel Managed Data warehouse

Data Warehousing: One Stop Solution

Simply put, Data Warehousing is the process of extracting data from various business platforms like Social Media, CRM, E-commerce, Marketing Automation etc, and loading it into a single data warehouse. The said data warehouse will further be exposed to business analytics for preparing reports, which will essentially guide your decision-making process. The beauty of performing data analytics on a common data warehouse is simple, it eliminates silos and generates correlations in the otherwise disjoint datasets, to create a big picture.

Let’s now understand the significance of data warehousing with the help of an example :

Brand ABC is advertising on google ads, Facebook ads, youtube ads, and LinkedIn ads. They have a comprehensive social media strategy where they have organic and paid posts on platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, bing, quora etc.

While Brand ABC is getting adequate ROAS on their YouTube and LinkedIn Ad spends, they are unable to figure out which marketing platform is giving them the maximum returns per spend. They are also having difficulty understanding the performance of all marketing platforms in relation to each other. Brand ABC is also tracking the performance of organic posts on social media. They compare the different metrics like clicks, shares, CPC but they are unable to figure out the trends that their consumers are responding to. They are unable to pin down the road ahead for their creative strategies.

Now with a data warehousing solution, Brand ABC will be able to pull in data from all the above marketing platforms. They will not only be able to analyse the data in relation to reach others but figure out what is working best for them and giving them the maximum ROI. They will understand which platform needs a better strategy and where they should invest their resources. A data warehousing solution will enable them to integrate their online, e-commerce and mobile data which will lead them to drive maximum engagement and conversion rates.

Let us look at some of the benefits of using a data warehouse :

  1. With a centralized and consolidated data warehouse, businesses can make functional and organisational decisions with maximum proficiency
  2. Businesses can extract historical data and use it to analyse and predict trends
  3. With a data warehouse, businesses can ensure maximum ROI & eliminate the manual process of collating data. With DataChannel, your business can now save 100 man months a year
  4. Your business can optimize Marketing Spends & ROAS by tracking the performance of all marketing activities in real-time, in one place using your preferred BI tool
  5. A centralized data warehouse can help integrate online, mobile & offline data to drive maximum engagement & conversion rates
  6. All Data Warehousing platforms mostly have pre built connectors to extract data from different sources. DataChannel has 100+ pre-built API connectors, helping you extract, transform and load data from all your marketing platforms.
DataChannel Managed Data warehouse

DataChannel is a one stop solution for all your data needs. It’s an automated, no-code data integration platform that allows teams to aggregate, visualize and analyze data from cloud platforms quickly and draw key consumer, campaign and business insights. With DataChannel, you can aggregate all your data under a centralized warehouse and use it for downstream analysis. DataChannel can also build custom dashboards on the data that has been aggregated to draw actionable insights.

The Data of Today and Tomorrow

Marketing based on data is here to stay. Decisions based on data are here to stay. There is no denying the fact that technology has already become an integral part of business ecosystems today and the importance of data tools and platforms that will help businesses make strategic, organizational and functional decisions will be unmoved.

So for businesses to excel in today’s competitive and cut throat environment, it is imperative that they adapt to the changing dynamics of technology and data.

We are here to help you to become a leader in driving your business growth with data. DataChannel can be a perfect data partner for your business. Book a demo with us today and see how!

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