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Remodel Your Marketing to Make Data-Driven Decisions

Marketing campaigns are starting out to be hyper personalized. This results in data-driven strategies, which inculcates efficiencies in organizations throughout the globe.
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In today’s day and age of social media rampage, digital marketing campaigns and creatively designed copies, it’s important to stand out of the crowd. More than the importance of recognition, it’s imperative that your marketing meets your organization’s sales’ goals.

Analytical enlightenment will not only guarantee your business towards success, evolution and profits but will help in sustaining the long term consistency of your business. But to achieve this enlightenment, it’s important to implement the right marketing reporting tools along with measuring the data accurately. There is a reason it’s called “Big Data” and a reason why you hear it everywhere – it will be the differentiator for your business’ worth and success.

There are a number of reasons circling the need for data-driven decision making in today’s complex business ecosystem. Making informed decisions, backed by statistics and metrics will help your business create new opportunities to capitalize on, produce actionable insights, predict future marketing courses and run your business with the maximum operational capacity. Making decisions based on excel sheets and gut is like shooting an arrow in the air, only reaching practically no destination and leading the way for failed outcomes.

Having said that, data-driven decision making will help you build your business empire on strong roots to stand on with smart marketing to build and nourish it and eventually, a noticeable and commendable ceiling with ever increasing revenues.

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The 5 big differentiators for Data Driven Marketing:

  1. Objectives: When companies will define their objectives with Key Performance Indicators (popularly known as KPIs) before beginning their analysis, it leaves no room for discrepancy. Data-driven marketing enables professionals to clearly match their KPIs with the insights from their strategies and makes it easy to figure out the next step.
  2. No Cognitive Biases: Cognitive biases are biases in decision making based on limited information, past experience (which may/may not be relevant in the current situation) and force of habit. Business leaders and professionals are often subjected to these biases even without their knowledge. Facts, statistics and insights take away these biases and leave nothing on intuition. Data helps back up ideas and strategies and make for the most sustainable and effective business decisions.
  3. Real-time Vision: With data analysis on a regular basis, your organisation can make fast decisions in real time and can maintain a systematic feedback curve. You can stay topical in your marketing because your organisation is figuring out what  works and what doesn’t, in real time.
  4. Integrated Data: Data is stuck in silos for most organisations and marketers miss out on seeing the real show with data from different platforms (CRM, Marketing, Sales etc.) together. Data driven organisations have all their data in a centralised repository for them to analyse and draw actionable insights. With all your data in one place, you can easily troubleshoot all your marketing failures and make for better ones. Here’s where DataChannel will help you. DataChannel is a completely self-serve no-code SaaS platform used for Data Aggregation, Analytics and Visualization. It can move data from hundreds of different data sources/silos, at a user defined frequency and integrate them into a harmonious normalized form, ready for further analytics.
  5. Business Intelligence: There are numerous BI tools available today that will foster growth for your organization. Data driven analytics with BI tools will help you navigate seamlessly through your customer’s lifecycle and make for downstream analysis. Such analysis of your business activities and strategies will enable you to foresee future trends and make predictive marketing techniques.
    With DataChannel, you can practice all of the above without a single code. Move all your data scattered on the cloud into a centralised repository and draw actionable insights through customised dashboards.

To make data-driven decisions, it’s important to have a wholesome field of vision from all your data sources. Having a complete vision of all your marketing data will enable your organisation towards a comprehensive strategy in short and long term goals.

DataChannel is here to drive your organization towards a data driven future. Book a demo with us today and see how!

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