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"DataChannel makes ETL easy, effective & efficient." - Tom Murray

Managing Director, Jump 450 Media

All we did was set up a few pipelines by entering our credentials and tweaking some source-specific parameters like breakdown criteria, frequency of update, etc. to suit our client’s needs, and that’s it. Now, thirty different sources are being automatically aggregated & delivered into our AWS Redshift warehouse, at a granularity and frequency of our choosing without us ever writing a single piece of code whatsoever.

"DataChannel is flexible and scalable."

"It has everything we need, from granular control over data we are integrating, to a quick turnaround time by the support team.

Puneet Tripathi, Head of Analytics @ Wakefit
data sources integrated
man hours saved per month

"DataChannel redefines your relationship with data."

"Our team simply loves DataChannel, it enables them to make data-driven marketing decisions and that too in real-time.”

Kshitij N, Marketing Analyst
data sources integrated
man hours saved per month

"DataChannel is a reliable data ETL and replication partner."

"Prior to DataChannel, my team was deferring to manual reports, pivot tables, and built in dashboards on our advertising channels. Data Channel helped us save tons of time with the repetitive data download, cleaning, and aggregation."

Emily L, co-founder, Small Business
data sources connected
Million rows of data moved per month

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