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AppsFlyer Data Locker for Secured Data Management

AppsFlyer Data Locker is an advanced feature that enables app developers and marketers to securely store and manage user data in a privacy-compliant manner.
Arti Gupta
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As per Wunderman Thompson, 42% of customers prefer a seamless experience across all devices and channels. AppsFlyer is probably one of the best marketing attribution tools to gain invaluable insights into crucial customer engagement metrics while at the same time offering a seamless user experience. Using AppsFlyer,  App developers & marketers can further incorporate deep linking technology into their marketing efforts. Additionally,  it also enables users to move their data into a secure and privacy-compliant Data Locker when dealing with a high volume of data.

Through this blog, we will touch upon the benefits of using AppsFlyer as a marketing attribution tool, Deep Linking Technology, and lastly about DataChannel’s newest integration with AppsFlyer Data Locker for smooth data centralization and agile business decision-making. Without further ado let’s start our discussion, starting with

What is AppsFlyer?

AppsFlyer is a powerful platform that helps app developers and marketers track and measure the effectiveness of their mobile advertising campaigns. It provides real-time data and insights on user acquisition, engagement, retention, and revenue generation across different marketing channels. Tracking user interactions with mobile apps and providing attribution data, Appsflyer enables advertisers to optimize their marketing strategies for maximum impact. Additionally, the platform offers retargeting and remarketing tools, deep linking, and fraud detection capabilities and integrates with various advertising and marketing platforms, making it an indispensable tool for mobile marketers.

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What is AppsFlyer Data Locker?

AppsFlyer Data Locker is an advanced feature that enables app developers and marketers to securely store and manage user data in a privacy-compliant manner. It offers an additional layer of protection for user data, ensuring that it is encrypted, stored in a separate and secure environment, and accessible only by authorized parties. With Data Locker, businesses can be assured that user data is protected and managed in compliance with privacy regulations, such as GDPR and CCPA. 

What is Deep Linking?

Deep linking is a technology used in mobile apps that allows users to navigate directly to a specific page or section within an app. In AppsFlyer, deep linking can be used to attribute app installs and in-app events to specific ad campaigns, channels, etc. 

For example, suppose a user clicks on a Facebook ad for a specific product on an e-commerce app. With deep linking, the user can be directed to the exact product page within the app, rather than the app's homepage. This provides a more seamless and personalized user experience, which can increase the chances of a user making a purchase.

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Deferred deep linking is another feature of AppsFlyer's deep linking technology. It allows users who don't have the app installed to be directed to a specific page within the app after installation.

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Also watch our quick video on how to move your data from Appsflyer to Google BigQuery

Benefits of AppsFlyer Data Locker

The multiple benefits of using AppsFlyer Data Locker for securing and managing user data are:

  • Enhanced Data Privacy: AppsFlyer Data Locker provides a layer of data protection that ensures user data is encrypted and stored in a separate, secure environment. This helps businesses comply with data privacy regulations and build trust with their users. For example, a dating app can share user behavior data with its ad partners while ensuring that users' personally identifiable information (PII) is kept private.
  • Controlled Access: With Data Locker, businesses can control access to user data, limiting it only to authorized parties. This helps prevent data breaches and ensures that data is accessed only for legitimate business purposes. 
  • Improved data accessibility: With Data Locker, app developers can share their data with other stakeholders, allowing them to obtain more accurate insights into the effectiveness of their ad campaigns. For example, a gaming app can share data on in-app purchases with its ad partners, enabling them to optimize their ad targeting and increase ROI.
  •  Data Volume, Depth, and Frequency: With Data Locker, you can manage a huge amount of data while also receiving a number of detailed raw data reports on User Journey, People-Based Attribution, Incrementality, SKAN, Ad Revenue, etc. These data reports can be refreshed daily or every hour, however, the AppsFlyer API only provides aggregated reports for a 24-hour period. Additionally, the API calls with AppsFlyer Data Locker are limitless, as opposed to the limitation of  24 calls per day per app without the Data Locker. When using Data Locker, you can combine two data sets, store & move more than 10 million data rows at once, and perform other operations (retargeting, running personalized marketing campaigns) that can typically not be done using AppsFlyer API alone. 

Why the need for DataChannel’s integration with AppsFlyer Data Locker?

DataChannel's integration with AppsFlyer Data Locker (Product Documentation) can provide several benefits for businesses, such as:

  • Data Centralization: You can start easily centralizing a large amount of data from Data Locker into any data warehouse of your choice. All of your historical data will be available in our data warehouse, and you can go on to make long-term comparisons around your ad Spend & Revenue, etc. 
  • Data Management: DataChannel also ensures user data is encrypted, stored in a separate, secure environment, and accessible only by authorized parties. This helps businesses comply with data privacy regulations and protect user data from unauthorized access or breaches.
  • Data Transformation: From incrementality and SKAN to Ad Revenue, the reports available via AppsFlyer Data Locker support the raw data type. Now, to make sense of your data and to gather insights you need to transform it into a suitable format so that it is accessible across teams. You can save yourself from having to manually download the reports multiple times using DataChannel as we take care of all of the data extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) parts so that you can gather actionable and meaningful insights as and when you require them.
AppsFlyer Data Locker ETL_DataChannel
  • Automated Scheduling & Reporting: After you’ve centralized all your data the next step that might follow is reporting it. DataChannel offers advanced scheduling options with which you can automate the data reporting part, and by enabling incremental updation of your data you can get refreshed data at your dispense in your data warehouse in the relevant format. 
  • Data Retention: When using AppsFlyer-owned storage (AWS) your data is only available for 14 days. Meaning you have to securely move your data out of AppsFlyer-owned AWS to some other platform so that it is accessible to you. However, your data once moved into the data warehouse will be available to you at any point in time.

Overall, the DataChannel’s newest integration with AppsFlyer Data Locker can help businesses streamline their data collection and management processes, ensure data privacy and security, and enable users to derive more actionable insights for better business outcomes.

Ready to see AppsFlyer Data Locker in action? Schedule a demo call today.

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