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Effortless Amazon Price Tracking and Drop Alerts with Keepa & DataChannel

Keepa is your go-to destination for monitoring, tracking the price histories, and set up personalized price drop alerts for different products available on Amazon
Arti Gupta
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What is Keepa?

Keepa is a widely popular price tracking and analysis tool used by online shoppers and e-commerce sellers. It focuses on monitoring prices on Amazon and offers historical data, sales rank information, and other useful insights. Keepa also provides browser extensions and mobile apps for convenient integration and a smooth shopping experience. 

Benefits of using Keepa

Keepa offers detailed price history charts for more than 3 billion Amazon products. Apart from having a huge product database and a product viewer the other major benefits of using Keepa are

  • Price Tracking: Users can track price changes over time, set up custom price alerts, and gain insights into product pricing trends, enabling informed buying and selling decisions.
  • Price Drop Alerts: Users can set up personalized price drop alerts for specific products, receiving instant notifications when the price reaches their desired threshold, allowing them to grab deals and save money.
  • Product Availability: Keepa allows users to track the availability of products on Amazon, ensuring they are aware of restocks and can purchase items promptly.
  • Browser Extensions and Mobile Apps: Keepa offers convenient browser extensions and mobile apps, enabling seamless integration with popular e-commerce websites, making price data easily accessible during online shopping.

What are the benefits of DataChannel’s integration with Keepa?

By integrating Keepa as a data source with DataChannel users can gain several benefits in terms of efficiency, accuracy, and data management. Keepa provides historical and real-time e-commerce data, including price, sales rank, and product availability, which can be valuable for businesses in the e-commerce domain. Here are some of the benefits of building an integration between ETL tools and Keepa:

  • Scheduled Data Refresh: DataChannel allows businesses to integrate with Keepa, ensuring up-to-date data retrieval at regular intervals. This feature provides the latest market trends and product performance for informed data-driven decisions. With DataChannel, you can effortlessly obtain reports on price changes for specific products based on ASINs over 30, 60, and 180 days. By directly importing fresh reports into your data warehouse, you can eliminate manual intervention, and enable agile decision-making. 
  • Consolidation of Data Sources: Keepa integration allows businesses to bring in e-commerce data alongside other relevant data sources into a single data warehouse. This consolidation helps in creating a holistic view of business performance across different sales channels (Walmart, Shopify, Amazon, etc) and aids in generating comprehensive reports and analyses. This data aggregation optimizes inventory management, enables data-driven decisions, and provides insightful product performance analysis.
  • Competitive Analysis: Businesses can also perform competitive analysis effectively using Keepa & DataChannel. This includes monitoring competitor price changes, and identifying opportunities to stay competitive in the market. By monitoring competitor pricing strategies combined with data around their own best & top-selling products the company gains insights to optimize their own pricing and promotions. Historical data analysis helps identify trending products and measure competitor impact on sales, leading to a competitive edge and improved market positioning.
  • Inventory Management: By leveraging Keepa data through ELT tools businesses can make data backed decisions around inventory management. This involves predicting demand, avoiding stock outs, and reducing overstock situations.
  • Market Research: DataChannel & Keepa can be used together to conduct in-depth market research and gain insights into consumer preferences, popular product categories, and product price history data. By analyzing historical sales and pricing data, the company can optimize inventory, marketing campaigns, and product offerings based on seasonal demand patterns and customer feedback. This comprehensive market research allows the company to identify new market trends and cross/ up-selling opportunities.

DataChannel x Keepa

Keepa is the go-to destination for tracking the price histories of every product available on Amazon, the world's largest and most reputable online retailer.

With DataChannel & Keepa, businesses can programmatically obtain e-commerce data, eliminating manual effort, and gain access to comprehensive and accurate competitor price analysis. If you also want to build a data-driven approach for better decision-making, and gain a competitive edge, schedule a demo call with us today.

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