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Everflow & DataChannel: Easy Tracking of your Partner Marketing Platforms

ELT data from Everflow to any data warehouse of your choice with DataChannel
Arti Gupta
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Everflow is a performance marketing platform designed to help advertisers, affiliate marketers, and businesses partnering with online portals for links/ ads manage their marketing data efficiently. It provides a comprehensive suite of tools and integrations to track, analyze, and optimize marketing activities across various channels, devices and platforms. 

Everflow Main Features-

1. Real-Time Analytics: Everflow offers real-time tracking and analytics, allowing users to monitor campaign performance instantly and make data-driven decisions on the fly.

2. Attribution Modeling: Everflow supports various attribution models, including first-click, last-click, and multi-touch attribution, enabling users to understand the contribution of each touchpoint in the customer journey.

3. Customizable Reporting: Users can create customized reports with a wide range of metrics and dimensions to gain deeper insights into campaign performance and ROI.

4. Affiliate Management: The platform provides tools for managing relationships with affiliates, including tracking affiliate performance, setting up commission structures, and communicating with affiliates.

DataChannel & Everflow for easy Tracking & Optimization

As an advertiser it becomes a mission critical and time sensitive task to access and aggregate your marketing data with ease. Relying solely on Everflow necessitates fetching all marketing and ad data manually, with meticulous monitoring. Marketing professionals often struggle with data relevancy and accuracy issues, but tools like DataChannel mitigate these challenges. By automating data aggregation and reducing manual efforts, it streamlines the entire process. 

With Everflow, we facilitate support for endpoints related to raw conversion events and reporting data, enabling the creation of accurate aggregated reports for advertisements. This eliminates the challenge of managing API limits and updates, allowing you to concentrate on tracking metrics, KPIs, and optimizing marketing efforts effectively.

Now Let’s give you a deep dive into how DataChannel enables smooth Tracking & Optimization of your Partner Marketing Data with Everflow.

Aggregate Raw Conversion Events: 

Our first supported endpoint is the raw conversion events, which allows direct retrieval of data regarding conversion events from Everflow. Revenue metrics available through this endpoint may include RPA (Revenue per action), RPS (Revenue per sale), RPC (Revenue per click), RPM (Revenue per Mille), etc.

Note: You can find out more about the revenue metrics here.

The parameters available for analysis include platform, browser, sale amount, device type, click date, conversion status, revenue, region, city, country, and currency details. Businesses, particularly online portals collaborating with multiple advertising networks, can effectively utilize raw conversion data from one or more of their advertising partners.

Reporting Data:

This endpoint can be used to retrieve data around your offers down to metrics level. Various metrics related to the offers featured on your website or partner platforms can be easily and accurately fetched. These metrics span across revenue, clicks, payouts, and overall recorded events. This data proves valuable in identifying which offers generate more clicks and conversions, as well as determining which partners deliver a high return on investment.

Data Aggregation:

Everflow data can be integrated with marketing analytics platforms such as Appsflyer. Let’s say you run an offer on a website and that offer leads the user successfully to install your mobile application. Through Appsflyer, you can then access data on the user's behavior within the mobile app. This data can be especially useful to identify weak points or loopholes in your services so that you can improve on them with high level personalization. 

Such insights are crucial for pinpointing weaknesses or gaps in your services, enabling you to enhance them through personalized improvements. DataChannel facilitates data extraction from both Everflow and Appsflyer, so that you can build customized user journeys.

Get Control over your Everflow data with DataChannel

Leveraging multiple tools for advertisements also means that you should be able to track, monitor and optimize your ad performance as well. None of that would be possible if you are not able to retrieve data from your source systems. 

DataChannel enables you to get your data easily from some of the most popular data sources such as Facebook/ Google Ads, Marketing automation platforms such as MoEngage, CRMs such as Activecampaign, etc so that you get all of your data in one place — your data warehouse and make data-driven decisions off of that data with confidence.

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