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MoEngage Data Export for Easy Reporting & Analytics

MoEngage, a customer engagement platform, can help you create an omnichannel strategy and get your message delivered to the right customer across multiple channels.
Arti Gupta
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Around 78% of customers prefer Omnichannel engagement, meaning, when aiming for lower customer attribution enterprises need to streamline the transition between customer touchpoints together, and manage them from a single platform.  Today, when the boundaries between the offline & digital worlds are blurring more and more, personalized customer experience can easily make or break the game. An omnichannel marketing strategy is one of the best ways to improve customer retention while at the same time offering an enriched customer experience. 

MoEngage, a customer engagement platform, can help you create an omnichannel strategy and get your message delivered to the right customer across multiple channels.

What is MoEngage?

Founded in 2014, with the vision to hyper-personalize the customer experience, MoEngage is a Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) that leverages Marketing Technology (MarTech). But, do you really need a CEP? To answer that let’s start with some stats, around 90% of companies today accept that they need better systems in place to track their customer journeys efficiently, and CEPs like Moengage just let you do that. Using channels like email, SMS, push notifications, and in-app messaging, businesses can communicate with customers using the customer engagement platform MoEngage. In order to better understand customer behavior and increase customer engagement, loyalty, and retention, it provides personalized communication, automation of customer interactions, and data analytics. 

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What is MarTech?

Martech describes a set of tools and technologies that can be leveraged by companies for enhancing their marketing initiatives. A corporation utilizing Google Analytics, for instance, to monitor website traffic and learn more about user behavior, is adopting MarTech. It also enables companies to improve customer engagement and increase conversions through website and marketing campaign optimization.

What is MoEngage Data Export?

Businesses can export hourly data reports in JSON format from the MoEngage platform using MoEngage Data Export. Users can obtain user profiles, campaign performance statistics, event data, and other kinds of data from MoEngage using Data Export. Furthermore, it also enables businesses to migrate their data to other systems or use it for additional analysis and insights by offering a simple and intuitive solution to export data. 

Benefits of MoEngage Data Export

Flexibility: Users have the option to export the data such as user profiles, event data, and campaign performance data in JSON format on an hourly basis.

Integration: Users can acquire deeper insights into consumer behavior and improve their marketing efforts by easily integrating the exported data with other systems (BI, MI/AL tools).

Data Retention: The existing clients on Moengage after enabling can get performance data across multiple channels (Push, Emails, On-site, In-app, Web Personalization, etc)  only for the last 60 days for analysis via the campaign stats feature. However, with Data Export the users can get historical data beyond 60 days stored in a secured place be it Moengage offered RedShift, Google Cloud Storage (GCS), BigQuery, or third-party cloud-based solutions. 

Why the need for DataChannel’s integration with MoEngage Data Export?

DataChannel's integration with MoEngage Data Export (Product Documentation) can provide several benefits for businesses, such as:

Data Centralization: Be it MoEngage, Facebook, or Amazon, any platform that you use to market your products can be integrated with a data warehouse and you can easily start centralizing your data to get real-time access to data and further have it ready for downstream BI or analytics.

Data Transformation: When using MoEngage Data Export, hourly data reports are compressed, therefore the more days and metrics there are, the more reports there will be.  Without a data warehouse, you will now have to manually decompress and fetch the files each time you want to obtain insights. DataChannel efficiently handles this crucial data transformation part so you don't have to spend extra time on tedious tasks. You can then move on to invest this time into more important tasks instead of decompression & transformation.

Automated Scheduling & Reporting: You can automate the data extraction part using DataChannel’s sophisticated scheduling options. After entering the required credentials, you can schedule & configure the data pipelines easily to have data available automatically at your disposal with minimal manual intervention. 

Historical data: As mentioned earlier, using MoEngage API you can only get to view your campaign stats for the past 60 days. However, using MoEngage Data Export you get hourly updates of your data for data ranging more than a year as well. However, instead of having to manually download the report every hour you can schedule the data pipeline and automate the data fetching process via the MoEngage Data Export API into any data warehouse of your choice in a few simple steps. 

Activate your data with Reverse ETL. Be future-ready and don’t let your data sit idle in the data warehouse or stay limited to your BI dashboards. The unidimensional approach toward data management is now undergoing a paradigm change. Instead, use DataChannel’s reverse ETL offering to send data to the tools your business teams use every day. Set up alerts & notifications on top of your data warehouse and sync customer data across all platforms converting your data warehouse into a powerful CDP (Customer Data Platform). You can even preview the data without ever leaving the platform.

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