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Seamless Multi-Carrier Integration with ClickPost & DataChannel

Streamline shipment processes, optimize operations, and drive better outcomes in the competitive business landscape with ClickPost & DataChannel
Arti Gupta
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The market for e-commerce logistics is expanding quickly, with a projected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22.3% from 2023 to 2030 surpassing 2022’s total value of USD 315.82 billion. Efficient Supply chain management plays a significant role In this expansion. ClickPost, a multi-carrier integration emerged as a game changer as it digitalizes shipping procedures across the globe. In this blog, we will deep dive into ClickPost’s shipping journey so far, its diverse features, and about DataChannel’s latest integration with ClickPost to streamline logistics and making real-time tracking of orders & shipments with multiple carrier partners seamless.

What is ClickPost?

Since its inception in 2015, ClickPost has established itself as India's top logistics management platform by optimizing logistics for e-commerce companies. The multi-carrier integration platform gives organizations end-to-end insight and increased efficiency with features like carrier selection, expected delivery date display (EDD), automated non-delivery report (NDR) handling, and order cancellation tracking. 

ClickPost has made a name for itself for companies looking to optimize their shipping processes through constant innovation, solid partnership (Amazon, Meesho, Unicommerce, Dunzo, FedEx, etc), and by using a customer-first approach. 

Features of ClickPost

Some of the important features of ClickPost that differentiate itself in the ecommerce logistics landscape are

  • Estimated Delivery Date Display(EDD): Using real-time carrier monitoring data and sophisticated algorithms, ClickPost enables businesses to give clients precise delivery timelines while maintaining dependability and transparency.
  • Automated Non-Delivery Report (NDR) Management: ClickPost automatically collects and classifies NDRs, giving organizations useful information about delivery problems. This feature enables proactive actions to address problems, lower returns, and raise overall delivery success rates.
  • Tracking Cancellations: ClickPost enables simple cancellation management, giving companies insight into the cancellation procedure. They can quickly make the necessary adjustments to inventory and shipping operations thanks to order cancellation tracking.
  • Airway Bill (AWB): ClickPost makes it easier for people to create and maintain airway bills, which streamlines the documentation process for companies. The effectiveness of logistics as a whole is increased by this function, which guarantees adherence to shipping regulations.

*An Airway Bill (AWB) is generated when a customer places an order and a courier partner is assigned against the order. It contains order details like origin, weight, and dimensions, streamlining shipping operations and enhancing visibility and transparency in the process.

Cost Effective ETL & Reverse ETL with DataChannel

Streamlining Logistics Management with ClickPost & DataChannel

Businesses can access a centralized and unified platform for logistics and supply chain data by integrating ClickPost's API with ELT tools like DataChannel. As a result, data silos are eliminated, ensuring that all stakeholders have access to reliable information. With access to real time data businesses can further improve their decision-making by  obtaining a comprehensive understanding of their supply chain operations. Here are some other pertinent benefits  that demonstrate how this integration can enhance business operations:

  • Centralized Data Repo: With DataChannel’s latest integration with ClickPost, businesses can establish a centralized data repository for logistics and supply chain data. This eliminates data silos and ensures that all stakeholders have access to accurate, up-to-date information to gain a holistic view of operations across the organization.
  • Access to Real-time Order & Shipment Data: This integration can also help businesses extract real-time order and shipment data via a cloud data warehouse. Thus, ensuring that businesses have access to the latest information on orders, shipments, tracking & delivery updates.
  • Improve Customer Experience: With your data moving into a centralized data warehouse at a regular cadence you get more time to derive meaningful insights out of your data.  You can gain  deeper insights into key performance indicators (KPIs) like delivery times, keeping track of multiple carrier partners shipments, and identifying both short-term & long-term shipment trends, etc. This can help in working on areas for improvement, reducing RTO (reduce undelivered rate), and improving customer experience by eliminating any friction in the shipment process.
  • Managing Multiple Carrier Partners: DataChannel’s integration with ClickPost also lets businesses keep track of multiple carrier shipment partners from a single location instead of accessing each carrier partner separately for any or all shipment updates.
  • Workflow automation: Businesses can automate the processes for extracting and loading data from ClickPost into data warehouses by simply scheduling data pipelines  to fetch data at regular updates. Automation saves time, lowers manual labor, and minimizes errors, allowing teams to concentrate on more strategic tasks and boosting total production.
  • ClickPost’s Reporting API: While ClickPost's reporting API provides updates for just 24 hours, our integration lets you track your shipments for as long as you need. Plus, with our custom run feature, you can even back fill in previous data as well. Set up your data pipeline and have your tracking & shipment report delivered to you within a few clicks instead of downloading the report manually everyday from ClickPost.

Don't settle for restricted insights, choose extended tracking capabilities and seamless logistics management with DataChannel. Streamline shipment processes, optimize operations, enhance visibility, and drive better outcomes in the dynamic and competitive business landscape. Schedule a demo call with us to unlock the power of complete shipment tracking with DataChannel! 

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