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Adtraction + DataChannel to level up your Performance Marketing Game

Adtraction and DataChannel to scale your Performance Marketing Efforts 
Arti Gupta
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Adtraction is an affiliate marketing network connecting advertisers with affiliates to promote products and services online. It offers a platform where affiliates can earn commissions by driving traffic and generating sales for advertisers. The network supports various marketing methods like content marketing, social media promotion, and email marketing. Adtraction provides tracking tools and analytics to monitor performance and optimize campaigns, ensuring effective and mutually beneficial partnerships between advertisers and affiliates.

In this blog we’ll be discussing how Adtraction and DataChannel can be used to level up your performance marketing game easily by unifying your marketing and analytics efforts to drive business growth.

Grow Your Business with Adtraction

Let’s talk about some of Adtraction’s major features that make it a leading choice for both advertisers and affiliates.

  1. Comprehensive Tracking and Reporting: Adtraction provides detailed tracking and analytics tools, enabling affiliates and advertisers to monitor traffic, conversions, and commissions accurately, which helps in optimizing marketing strategies.
  2. Wide Range of Advertisers and Affiliates: The platform connects a diverse array of advertisers and affiliates, offering numerous opportunities for collaborations and ensuring a broad reach for marketing campaigns.
  3. User-Friendly Interface: Adtraction's platform is designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate, making it accessible for users of all experience levels to manage their campaigns effectively.
  4. Support for Multiple Marketing Methods: The network supports various marketing techniques, including content marketing, social media promotion, and email marketing, allowing affiliates to choose the methods that best suit their audiences and strengths.

Adtraction & DataChannel help you scale your Performance Marketing Efforts 

Adtraction boosts brand sales and traffic by connecting them with suitable affiliate partners. Focusing on performance marketing through affiliates (sales partners), Adtraction charges only based on increased sales. By integrating DataChannel with Adtraction, you can enhance your analytics capabilities. We provide various endpoints to explore detailed performance and sales data. Here’s how DataChannel can help you capitalize better on your Adtraction data.

  • Easy Data Segmentation: Users can easily segment their Adtraction based on transactions. The parameters supported for segmentation can range from Accepted, Pending, OpenClaims, Rejected, and a combination of both Accepted and Rejected. This endpoint can help users to segment their Adtraction transactions efficiently and also look into each of their transaction channels with granularity. 

We also offer a ‘Group by’ functionality where you can decide how you want your data to be grouped together. You can choose to group your data across different ads, days, channels, and segments so that you get to easily segment your data and identify changes in any specific channel that you deem fit.

  • Statistics: This endpoint can be used to retrieve statistics for your Adtraction data grouped by ads, channels, segments and days. You can access crucial attributes such as clicks (unique), impressions, click through rates (ctr), sales, order value with its associated average, conversions and lead conversion ratio. This data can be very beneficial when it comes to monitoring performance for different sales partners that too across different channels and time periods. 
  • Transaction Status: We discussed the different transaction status that Adtraction supports and every transaction type also has a different code that makes it easy for identification. Within DataChannel you can choose which data you want to access for which transaction type without having to manually filter out transactional data for different segments. The attributes that you can access for various transactional reports are cost, sales, conversion ratio, etc for any specific ad with its associated ad_id and ad_name.

Efficient Sales & Analytics with Adtraction & DataChannel

With DataChannel’s integration with Adtraction, you can seamlessly boost your sales and analytics capabilities. This powerful combination allows you to leverage detailed insights from your Adtraction affiliates, helping you optimize performance and drive more sales. DataChannel’s robust endpoints provide granular data analysis, ensuring you make informed decisions and maximize your marketing efforts. Book a call with us today to start your Adtraction and data journey with DataChannel.

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