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DataChannel’s Custom Destination: Reverse ETL for any REST API

A Custom Destination to move your data to any REST API friendly destination.
Arti Gupta
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Let’s first start with a brief overview of Reverse ETL before getting to the custom destination. As evident from the name itself, Reverse ETL reverses the traditional ETL flow by extracting data from a data warehouse and loading it back into operational systems (Internal databases, CRM & Marketing Automation Tools, and other SaaS Applications, etc). The repertoire of these operational systems is referred to as the data destinations and data warehouses – the data data source in case of Reverse ETL. 

DataChannel’s versatile Custom Destination for automated Syncs:

In simple terms, using our Custom Destination, you get to move your data from your data warehouse to any REST API friendly platform. It enables our users to automatically move data at scheduled intervals once they configure the relevant sync. With the Custom Destination framework, DataChannel users can take charge of their data connectivity by developing their own personalized data connector, seamlessly integrating it with DataChannel's existing library. When faced with the need to transmit data to a private API or a SaaS tool that isn't directly supported by DataChannel, you can still leverage DataChannel's robust alerting, reliability, and error handling systems. Utilize DataChannel to send data to your custom connector in a specified format.

Features of DataChannel’s Custom Destination Connector

Our latest (Reverse ETL) Custom Destination connector aims to take your data synchronization and activation processes up a notch. By leveraging our custom destination connector you can easily move data from the data warehouse into both internal & external systems seamlessly, that too while maintaining data security and compliance measures. The main features that come bundled with our latest destination are:

  • Empower Your Data Connectivity with Custom Destination: With our Custom Destination API, you have the freedom to integrate any SaaS connector of your choice into DataChannel. Whether you're working with a unique SaaS tool or a private API that isn't natively supported, our Custom Destination API empowers you to effortlessly set up and initiate data transfers to these destinations. While you may need to perform some initial configuration, rest assured that you'll continue to enjoy all the advantages of DataChannel, including incremental synchronization, automated scheduling, alerting, and comprehensive logging!
  • Data Enrichment: Enrich your data sets by pulling in data (emails, names, timestamp for the account created, lead scores, subscription status, sales order, shipping status, email notification data, and so much more) using relevant data models from different apps or destinations.
  • HTTPS Requests Supported: Deploy and implement your custom third-party API integrations by triggering following requests to any endpoint.

            PUT- This operation changes a record's information in the Target destination. 

            POST- This operation creates a new record in the Target destination. 

            PATCH- This operation updates an existing resource in the Target Destination

  • Data Chunking: Imagine you own a D2C business and want to identify and engage customers aged 25-45 who subscribed to a recent website sale offer. Your goal: deliver personalized push and email notifications via MailChimp. After securely transferring data to your data warehouse and implementing data models for customer segmentation, you aim to integrate it into your custom CRM tool. Data chunking simplifies the process, breaking data into manageable sections, reducing server strain, mitigating errors, and ensuring smooth data movement. Plus, you can bypass API rate limits, efficiently loading chunks of contacts into MailChimp for downstream data activation.
  • Error Logging:  DataChannel takes care of your error handling part when it comes to failing syncs. Though we try to eliminate any or all errors our users might face when executing their data syncs, thus, setting up alerts for sync errors is always recommended. Moreover, an HTTP response with a 400- or 500-level status code is considered as an error.
  • Better Insights: You can leverage data points such as job titles, company sizes, and industries to pinpoint valuable prospects and generate lookalike models from their customer profiles. Extend your reach to audiences with a higher likelihood of conversion by utilizing data activation across various marketing tools, including those not directly supported by DataChannel. Achieve this seamlessly by integrating our custom destination with any third-party REST API, unlocking enhanced personalization for targeted marketing success.

Prerequisites for Building your Custom Destination

To implement this customized destination, DataChannel requires users to furnish details about the destination, including available objects, modes, fields, and data synchronization methods. The main steps required for users to follow are:

  1. Sign Up for DataChannel: If you don't have one, you can sign up for a free trial here.
  2. Add your data warehouse (or get a DC Managed one) 
  3. Create a data model and specify the data warehouse from which you want sync data into your Custom Destination
  4. Authorize DataChannel to connect to your data destination using an authentication process. The authentication processes are explained in detail in our documentation.
  5. There you go, after following the above mentioned steps you can easily start your syncing your data effortlessly

Dream it, Build it with DataChannel

Don’t just dream of data activation, make it possible with DataChannel. Start curating your Customer 360 profiles, and unlock better personalization by building your own destination. We’re beyond excited to see what you build! If you’re new to DataChannel, you can sign up for your free account here

Also, if you require any assistance building your custom destination don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We're here to help!

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