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How Data Transformation Can Deliver Better Insights For SAAS Marketers

To make the best out of each data source, every SaaS marketer needs data transformation and with right solution, data extraction & analysis is easier.
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The digital world is always on the go, with customers’ ever-evolving needs and advanced products coming every now & then. This makes it difficult for marketers to think before-hand and make strategies to counteract the rising competition.

But do you know what’s more difficult? It’s marketing something that is always changing or something in which only a confined segment of the market is interested, or something that doesn’t even make enough sense to a layman.

Right, that’s what every SaaS marketer has to go through every day.

SaaS marketing is not everyone’s cup of tea. It’s challenging and critically different from every other sort of marketing an average marketer has heard of.

The increasing volumes of data stacking up in the organizational systems make it a call of urgency for SaaS marketers to find a solution that can help them transform the data as quickly and efficiently as possible. By utilizing every benefit coming out of the data, the marketers can take a big shot to raise the efficiencies of the entire marketing & data analytics departments and understand their customers better.

Cost effective ETL & Reverse ETL with DataChannel

What’s the buzz about Data Transformation in SaaS Marketing?

With the right data transformation solution at your end, you can extract data easily, even from the most complex data silos, understand it, and then transform it into something you can analyze.

Data transformation pipelines, without a doubt, have made the work of marketers a lot easier. It helps them decipher the information into a format or schema that a business intelligence platform can interact with and drive useful & actionable insights.

Saas Marketing

The right data can effectively help SaaS marketers to turn their struggling business into a thriving one. Through the use of data integration and transformation, marketing teams can deliver a better customer experience and drive profitability.

Here, we feel like it’s time to focus a bit more on how data transformation can deliver better insights for SAAS marketers.

Works on the concept of “Unity is power”

Overwhelmed with the volume of data getting generated in your organization? Tired of spending your productive hours digging out useful data? Do you no longer want to juggle between spreadsheets and databases that take away your creativity and room for improvement?

If your answer is yes, then data transformation is the solution for you.

The biggest problem that most SaaS marketers face is that the data is siloed in different departments like sales, marketing, and customer service databases. But when an effective data transformation solution comes into the picture, the problem seems to disappear. The solution connects different data sources & data types together, and follows the best practices for uniting CRM, social media, ad platforms, customer service systems, and sales databases.

The unification will provide you a vivid overview of your business and help you make fast, effective, and data-driven decisions that can take your business to the top of the competition curve.

Break the big data silos

Through data transformation, you can break down the big data silos, gather all the data from multiple sources, and assemble it into a single source of information. The information derived will help data science and business analytics teams in discovering patterns, trends, irregularities, and opportunities in the market.

With DataChannel’s data integration technology, data can be collected from anywhere in the virtual world. We offer extensive data technology that can be set up in minutes and gives you a flexible approach to process any type of data or format.

Integrate & Activate your data with DataChannel

Experience the power of automation with DataChannel

Harness the power of DataChannel’s integration engine and get going with cleaning, normalizing, and unifying your data. The platform helps in combining data from different sources & platforms, strip out formats, and enrich the information to make the data integration task easier for analysts.

Along with getting all your data under one big umbrella, the platform also eliminates errors, fills in missing information, and kick-off duplicate entries. With our solution at your end, you can ensure the automatic updating of the information in your data stack, so that you can stay on top of the latest patterns and trends and make strategies accordingly.

SaaS marketers can use the solution directly with their preferred BI or analytics tools to become truly data-driven marketers. DataChannel aslo gives you access to:

  • 100+ Data Sources. DataChannel’s ever-expanding list of supported data sources includes all popular advertising, marketing, CRM, financial, and eCommerce platforms and apps along with support for ad-hoc files, google sheets, cloud storages, relational databases, and ingestion of real-time data using webhooks. If we do not have the integration you need, reach out to our team and we will build it for you for free.
  • Powerful scheduling and orchestration features with granular control over scheduling down to the exact minute.
  • Granular control over what data to move. Unlike most tools which are highly opinionated and dictate what data they would move, we allow you the ability to choose down to field level what data you need. If you need to add another dimension or metric down the line, our easy to use UI lets you do that in a single click without any breaking changes to your downstream process.
  • Extensive Logging, fault tolerance and automated recovery allows for dependable and reliable pipelines. If we are unable to recover, the extensive notifications will alert you via slack, app and email for taking appropriate action.
  • Built to scale at an affordable cost. Our best in class platform is built with all ETL best practices built to handle billions of rows of data and will scale with your business when you need them to, while allowing you to only pay for what you use today.
  • Get started in minutes. Get started in minutes with our self-serve UI or with the help of our on-boarding experts who can guide you through the process. We provide extensive documentation support and content to guide you all the way.
  • Managed Data Warehouse. While cloud data warehouses offer immense flexibility and opportunity, managing them can be a hassle without the right team and resources. If you do not want the trouble of managing them in-house, use our managed warehouse offering and get started today. Whenever you feel you are ready to do it in-house, simply configure your own warehouse and direct pipelines to it.
  • Activate your data with Reverse ETL. Be future-ready and don’t let your data sit idle in the data warehouse or stay limited to your BI dashboards. The unidimensional approach toward data management is now undergoing a paradigm change. Instead, use DataChannel’s reverse ETL offering to send data to the tools your business teams use every day. Set up alerts & notifications on top of your data warehouse and sync customer data across all platforms converting your data warehouse into a powerful CDP (Customer Data Platform). You can even preview the data without ever leaving the platform.

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