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Announcing DataChannel’s Integration with dbt

DataChannel X dbt™: Access transformed data across business applications to build end-to-end ELT & Reverse ETL workflows in a few clicks.
Arti Gupta
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Introducing DataChannel X dbtTM 

Starting today, DataChannel will be seamlessly integrating with dbtTM (data build tool) a command line interface used primarily for data transformation.  With this integration, we aim to bring about a simplified, intuitive and holistic end-to-end ELT experience. In case you’re wondering, what is the scope of our integration with dbt CoreTM, how it helps you as a DataChannel user, and why you need DataChannel & dbt in your data stack? We address these questions in this post and show that how DataChannel X dbt might just be the most viable solution for a smooth data integration journey.

Let's Begin

Many analysts achieve data transformations by manually executing SQL queries directly in the warehouse, or wrapping SQL into a stored procedure to limit code repeatability. These options can prove to be inefficient and costly in the long run. It also becomes increasingly difficult to manage SQL scripts for complex use cases while dealing with numerous data sources. In an effort to “automate” & schedule their data transformation processes, data analysts use orchestration tools (like Airflow) to run transformations. This usually leads to further management issues of disparate tools for the data teams to deal with.

Your Modern ELT Partner

The combination of DataChannel & dbtTM can help you make your end-to-end ELT processes more efficient and reliable without having to rely on any additional tools and error prone manual scripting. The Data Build Tool (dbtTM) is designed to easily take care of the (T) but what about the data extraction, and data loading steps in (EL)T.

This is where DataChannel comes in, while dbtTM handles the ‘T,’ DataChannel is perfect for the ‘EL’ in your ELT processes. With DataChannel you can easily extract data from 100s of data sources, load it into any data warehouse of your choice, and after our integartion with dbtTM you can now also fetch your existing dbt models via github and run dbt commands directly on top of your data warehouse. All of ELT can now be managed within DataChannel, so no more repeated swapping of screens, monitoring & managing multiple tools or scripts.

DataChannel and dbt are your modern ELT partner to maximize efficiency

Note: For more details around dbtTM, and how dbtTM works, read our other blogs on “Unlocking the Power of data transformation with dbtTM:” Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3

How DataChannel x dbtTM Helps You?

Unlock the full potential of your data transformation journey with DataChannel's native integration with dbtTM. Here's how this dynamic partnership can revolutionize your data operations:

1. Centralized Data Transformation Hub: With DataChannel's integration with dbtTM, you gain a powerful centralized hub for all your ELT and transformation needs. Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling between multiple tools for your diverse business needs. Now, you can effortlessly manage everything from a single, intuitive interface, streamlining your workflow and getting the best of ELT solution customized and delivered to you. 

2. Schedule and Automate Transformations: Take control of your dbt transformations by scheduling them directly within DataChannel. Leverage both ‘Normal’ as well as ‘Advanced’ Scheduling options for your dbt projects. Get as granular as minutes (hours, days, months) while going for scheduling, and get notified as early as your models are done running (for success/ error both).

3. Real-Time Monitoring, Alerts & Logs: Stay in the driver's seat with real-time monitoring of your dbtTM transformations. DataChannel keeps you informed every step of the way, providing instant detailed error logs and notifications if your models fail due to any reason. Rest easy knowing that you're always in control of your dbtTM projects, no matter how complex it may be.

4. Version Control and Collaboration via Github: Leverage the robust version control features of dbtTM & github seamlessly within DataChannel. This synergy simplifies the management of intricate data models and that the data teams always have access to updated data. Simply select your git repository branch on which you want your custom dbt to execute, log the status of your runs before pushing & finalizing any change to your models or queries.

5. Performance Optimization: Maximize the efficiency of your data transformation processes with DataChannel's integration with dbtTM. This partnership empowers you to optimize every aspect of your ELT workflows, from building custom pipelines to ad-hoc data transformations, simplified just for you to supercharge your analytics, and accelerate time to insights.

6. Best of both Platforms: Integrating dbt Core into DataChannel ensures smooth interoperability between dbt and DataChannel, enabling users to leverage the best of both platforms and streamline their end to end data movement. This integration basically help eliminate any silos involved right from data extraction to data transformation.

Build your modern data stack with DataChannel & dbt

7. Easy Data Centralization & Activation: Our users can now take advantage of a best-in-class automated end-to-end cloud data integration experience in a single environment. With DataChannel for data integration they no longer have to worry about data ingestion between 120+ data sources for SaaS applications, databases, events and other cloud services and cloud data platforms. Moreover, you can now even put your data into action as soon as it’s been modeled by executing your data syncs to execute after your data is modeled. This ensures agile data extraction, centralization as well as activation.

8. Better Collaboration: The user interface provided by DataChannel promotes an environment where data professionals and non-data team members, such as marketers and operators, can collaborate on (SQL based) dbtTM data models, enabling efficient teamwork, and enhanced productivity. 

9. Refresh Data Models: Our native integration with dbtTM also enables you to refresh your data models, you can refresh your data models, and get all the changes updated in DataChannel dashboard itself. Our intuitive interface enables you to get all your dbtTM models refreshed in your data warehouse directly in DataChannel.

Choose any level of scheduling for your dbt models with dbt & DataChannel

Build your Data Stack with dbtTM & DataChannel

DataChannel's integration with dbtTM unlocks a seamless data transformation journey, simplifying data centralization and activation as well in one environment. Now you can say goodbye to data extraction mess across 120+ sources, from SaaS applications to cloud data platforms. Execute data syncs immediately after modeling, streamline your ELT process, and get all of dbt, DataChannel, and much more.

By leveraging, dbtTM & DataChannel together you can very effectively:

✔ Leverage data modeling at scale, enable flexible analytics, and empower data-driven decisions for optimized spending, targeting, and ROI.

✔ Enhance data quality effortlessly with cleaning and enrichment capabilities, to streamline source standardization, and save time and improve data reliability.

✔ Achieve seamless CRM and marketing automation integration, automating CRM updates, and enhancing personalized campaigns for data-driven decisions and       increased customer engagement.

✔ Leverage a more cost-effective infrastructure that offers in-built complete ELT workflow with minimal manual intervention requirements

✔ Simplify your data stack with our end-to-end ELT automation thus, reducing data latency.

DataChannel X dbtTM- Making Data Transformation fun!

If you are looking for an ELT Partner that does all the heavy lifting for you, reduces your time to insights, and empowers you to make data-driven decisions with complete trust and confidence in your data, then you’ve come to the right place.

DataChannel X dbtTM is the combo that caters to all your data needs. We are more than happy to help to answer any of your data integration, activation, and transformation related questions. You can hit us up, here.

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