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Dukaan + DataChannel: Unified Ecommerce and Data Analytics

Leverage Dukaan and DataChannel together to grow your Ecommerce business with ease
Arti Gupta
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Dukaan simplifies online business for everyone, from local vendors to enterprises, by providing a user-friendly platform to create and manage digital stores easily. With Dukaan, individuals can easily showcase their products, manage inventory, and accept orders seamlessly. It's designed to be intuitive, requiring no technical expertise, making it accessible to anyone looking to establish an online presence for their business. Dukaan aims to democratize e-commerce, empowering individuals to tap into the vast opportunities of the digital marketplace with ease.

How Dukaan aims to be your Global Ecommerce Partner?

Simple Store Creation: Dukaan enables users to effortlessly set up their digital stores without the need for technical skills or coding knowledge.

Inventory Management: Users can efficiently manage their product inventory, including adding new items, updating stock levels, and tracking sales.

Order Management: Dukaan streamlines the process of accepting and fulfilling orders, making it easy for users to track, process, and fulfill customer requests.

Accessibility: Dukaan is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to individuals from all backgrounds, empowering them to leverage the benefits of e-commerce without barriers.

Customization Options: Dukaan offers a range of customization options, allowing users to personalize their digital storefronts to reflect their brand identity and unique style preferences.

Dukaan & DataChannel to Amplify your Ecommerce Game

Dukaan is an eCommerce startup that lets you build your online storefront easily using a fully no-code interface. As an eCommerce startup, Dukaan has witnessed a huge growth in recent years. From managing orders, different categories to capitalizing on audience data, sellers can leverage their storefront data to uncover new possibilities. 

Here’s how DataChannel can help you better manage your Dukaan data with minimum manual and coding efforts. 

Note: Go through our Dukaan API documentation to know more about sync data from Dukaan to your data warehouse automatically.

  • Manage your Inventory better: Get your inventory data sorted in your data warehouse in an automated manner. Your inventory data can include details such as your store_id and store link. Dukaan also attributes every store for a seller with a unique_id (uuid), for sellers with multiple stores these uuids can be used to segregate your inventory data easily. Inventory data will also include your item name, its total quantity, if it’s in stock or not, along with the seo title and description for quick and easy identifications for items that might need restocking in any particular category.
  • Order Efficiency: DataChannel enables you to efficiently manage your order data as well. Your order data will also include your store’s uuid along with customer details such as their pincode, address, names and other demographic details. For every order there is a defined order status, you can find out more about order status here.

Order delivery parameters such as if the order is delivered or is out for shipping, the total cost of the order and the return status of the order. Not only this if the order is placed using a paid media campaign then UTM details such as source, medium, campaign, etc can also be fetched using Dukaan's order endpoint. 

  • Product Attributes: Product data is somewhat similar to the inventory data. Using this endpoint user’s can identify which product is in stock or what the price for that product is. Every product also has an image attribute as well as an associated slug. Other premium attributes such as product bundle type, discount, and line item value can also be retrieved using the product’s pipeline. Every product will also be associated with its store (id and link) along with the respective category_id.

Similar to product attributes are category details which also covers the product count in a particular category for a particular slug. The category endpoint also covers if the product is in stock or not while the rest of the parameters for a category are more or less similar to the product attributes discussed earlier.

  • Audience Demographics: The audience endpoint enables you to go granular with their demographics. Details such as their name, emails, contact information, unique_id, and if the audience member is new or not. The no. of orders they have placed, cost associated with every order and credit balance allotted to every member. All of these details can be easily accessed using this audience endpoint.

Scalable and Simplified Ecommerce with Dukaan & DataChannel

Dukaan is considered to be India’s Shopify and like Shopify, Dukaan also aims to simplify every merchant’s eCommerce experience. Combined with DataChannel merchant’s can take advantage of simplified ecommerce as well as scale easily alongside their increasing customer customer base using data-driven decision making.

Leverage DataChannel to embrace data-driven eCommerce today.

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