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Arti Gupta
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eBay is recognized as a cornerstone in the E-Commerce revolution, eBay emerged in 1995 and has since solidified its position as a crucial entity in the online business realm. Despite the increasing competition, eBay boasts a substantial user base, a testament to its enduring significance. The platform serves as a marketplace for both new and used items, initially relying on an auction system where buyers set their desired purchase prices. Over time, eBay adapted to user needs by also introducing a fixed-price feature, streamlining the transaction process for both buyers and sellers.

Why ebay?

Buying and Selling Platform: eBay serves as an online marketplace where users can buy and sell a wide variety of items.

Auctions and Fixed Prices: Users have the option to bid on items through auctions or purchase some of the items at fixed prices set by sellers.

Global Reach: eBay connects buyers and sellers worldwide, allowing for a diverse range of products and a broad market reach.

Product Diversity: The platform offers a vast array of products, from everyday items to rare and collectible finds, catering to a broad spectrum of consumer needs.

Why extract ebay seller data via DataChannel?

Access Order Data: Order data pipeline helps sellers access all of the parameters such as Order fulfillment status, payment status, buyer demographics, cost currency, line item parameters (fixed price, quantity, sku, quantity, etc). When sellers have all of the order data collated in a data warehouse, sellers can access it anytime and anywhere and find out which items have been ordered the most at what price, and which user demographic prefers which products most. This data can help sellers tailor their audience targeting more precisely.

Transactions data: Transaction date, transaction_id, transaction status segregated across order line items. This data can help sellers to get a complete view of all transactions across categories and identify potential areas of improvement in terms of SLAs, transaction processing, product delivery etc.

Historical data: With DataChannel’s Order + Transaction data pipelines you get Information about buyers & sellers as well as about the order’s line items for a specific time range so that you can plan your packaging, shipment, and shipment of the orders. With a data warehouse in place you can easily store data beyond that time range too. You can go beyond the limit that the API natively offers (90 days to 2 years). 

Data Updates: Sellers can add or change the quantity or shipping option for any line item in the order. This lets the shopper choose the shipping cost/ speed for any line item. Sellers can view the details for a checkout session and the processing status of an order. ETL Tools like DataChannel can help automate the process of directly moving all the data related to an order into a data warehouse and save sellers (and businesses) save countless hours invested otherwise into manually scavenging the data from the data source (ebay) to the destination (data warehouse) to derive actionable insights out of it.

Manage your Seller data better with DataChannel

ELT tools like DataChannel can contribute significantly in saving time and resources for eBay sellers. Automation of data collation related tasks, efficient management of listings, orders, and transactions can help these sellers manage their data better and ultimately serve their customers better in the long run. 

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