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Klaviyo & DataChannel for efficient Ecommerce Marketing

Activate data into Klaviyo for effective customer relationship management (CRM) and customer segmentation
Arti Gupta
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Klaviyo is a holistic platform used mostly by marketers to automate their marketing efforts, personalize customer experiences, and send customized email marketing campaigns. 

Founded in 2012, Klaviyo has become one of the most used tools for Ecommerce marketing and email automation. 

In this blog, we’ll be discussing DataChannel's integration with Klaviyo, and what opportunities our latest reverse connector unfolds for our users.

Let’s start with discussing the features of Klaviyo first.

Why Klaviyo?

The main features that Klaviyo offers are.

SMS Campaigns. Klaviyo offers powerful SMS marketing features that you can use for discounts, promotional campaigns, and sharing upselling opportunities. It’s a versatile tool that you can use for any SMS marketing campaign for your business.

Email Marketing. From sending out abandoned cart emails to welcome emails, Klaviyo can be used for customizing and automating your email marketing campaigns as well. The workflows for these campaigns can be built and set up entirely within the platform itself with minimal manual efforts.

Ecommerce integrations. Klaviyo offers 300+ pre-built integrations for users to integrate their Ecommerce platforms with. Moreover, it is a Shopify-first marketing automation platform. The shopify events can be used as triggers for your emails that too segmented across your target audience. 

Predictive Analytics. Klaviyo’s predictive analytics feature enables you to not only determine the total lifetime value of a customer but also helps you predict their future lifetime value, estimated next order date, and churn time.

Target Better CRM with Klaviyo & DataChannel

Our latest reverse connector: Klaviyo enables you to-

Update profile: Our reverse ETL connector enables you to update your customer’s profile inside Klaviyo directly. Important attributes such as email address, phone number, address line, job title, etc can be updated directly from within the warehouse. This helps you to keep all your profiles updated within Klaviyo without missing out on crucial attributes and keeping it synced in across marketing channels.

Update list: Klaviyo as a destination also enables you to build seamless list updates in Klaviyo. Lists, which consist of contacts segmented by specific parameters, such as new sign ups, potential leads, can be directly updated. You have the flexibility to select your preferred data model, incorporating new contacts or leads from various marketing platforms or channels, facilitating efficient list management within Klaviyo.

Create Segments: After activating relevant profiles and lists into Klaviyo, you can proceed with downstream customer segmentation. The segmentation options provided by Klaviyo, as shown in the attached image below, offer a valuable feature for refining and making informed marketing decisions. For example, you can identify profiles or contacts with insufficient engagement and strategically move them to the 'not receive marketing' customer segment. This allows for targeted adjustments based on user behavior.

Customer Segmentation feature available on Klaviyo

Build Unified Customer Profiles: You can activate aggregated customer data from various touchpoints (website interactions, email engagement, order history) directly into Klaviyo to build unified customer profiles. These customer profiles serve as a comprehensive source for customized marketing initiatives.

Leverage Omnichannel Consistency: Ensure a consistent brand experience across channels by synchronizing customer data between Klaviyo and other marketing platforms. This omnichannel consistency helps in reinforcing uniform brand messaging and increasing brand value.

DataChannel X Klaviyo for better Customer Segmentation

Klaviyo is a versatile platform that has multiple customer relationship management related functionalities to offer. Combined with DataChannel, you can make data-driven decisions around customer journeys and touchpoints effectively. 

If you’re looking to start your data integration journey with Klaviyo and DataChannel, set up a quick call with us today!

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