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Optimize your App Marketing Journey with Adjust Raw Data Export

Adjust Raw Data Export is a feature provided by Adjust that allows users to export raw data related to their mobile app marketing campaigns and user activities.
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Adjust is a mobile marketing analytics platform that helps app marketers and developers track and analyze the performance of their marketing campaigns. It offers features such as app attribution, analytics, and audience segmentation. With app attribution, marketers can track app installations and optimize user’s app marketing journey. The platform provides advanced analytics to understand user behavior and engagement, while audience segmentation allows for personalized targeting. Adjust supports multiple mobile platforms and integrates with various advertising networks and marketing tools. Overall, Adjust helps marketers make data-driven decisions to optimize their app's performance and achieve their business goals.

What is Adjust Raw Data Export?

Adjust Raw Data Export is a feature provided by Adjust, a mobile marketing analytics platform. It allows users to export unprocessed data related to their mobile app marketing campaigns and user activities. This data includes metrics like app installs, user events, session data, in-app purchases, and ad impressions, etc. The exported data is in a structured format, such as CSV or JSON files, which can be analyzed using other tools. This feature provides marketers with detailed insights into user behavior, attribution sources, campaign performance, and more. It enables data-driven decision-making and optimization of marketing strategies for better user engagement and business growth.

Adjust raw data export process

Benefits of Adjust Raw Data Export

  • Ad Network Optimization: Raw data export facilitates the evaluation of ad network performance, enabling marketers to make data-driven decisions when it comes to allocating ad spend and optimizing campaign performance.
  • Advanced Data Analysis: Marketers can perform advanced data analysis using external tools or platforms, leveraging the raw data to uncover hidden patterns, correlations, and trends.
  • Compliance and Data Ownership: Exporting raw data ensures compliance with data privacy regulations as marketers have full control over their data and can manage its usage and security.
  • Audience Segmentation: By exporting raw data, marketers can segment their user base more effectively based on specific criteria, enabling personalized targeting and messaging.
  • Granular Attribution Analysis: Access to raw data allows for in-depth analysis of attribution sources, enabling marketers to accurately measure the effectiveness of different campaigns and channels. When using Adjust Raw data export, you get compressed hourly reports either directly on your server via callbacks or CSV files on your cloud storage. Moreover, Adjust does not permanently store raw data, and you cannot export raw data from the Adjust dashboard, which only reports (≤3 months) aggregated data. Gathering data using raw data export becomes essential when marketers want to go for user-level analysis and personalized retargeting efforts. How to launch an app is an important consideration for marketers as well, as the raw data export can provide valuable insights to improve the app launch process and user acquisition strategy.

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What are the benefits of DataChannel’s integration with Adjust Raw Data Export?

Integrating DataChannel with Adjust Raw Data Export offers several benefits for data transformation & automating data pipelines. The key advantages are

  • Data Pipeline Automation:  When it comes to automating the entire data pipeline, from extracting the raw data from Adjust to loading it into a data warehouse or analytical database, DataChannel does it effortlessly. This pipeline automation saves time and effort by eliminating manual data handling processes.
  • Data Transformation and Preparation: The raw data from Adjust's export can also be transformed and prepared using DataChannel into a format that is appropriate for analysis and reporting. Since it would be exceedingly time-consuming and futile for business users to physically extract and decompress the hourly reports that raw data export makes accessible for them. Users can automatically obtain all the necessary data in their data warehouse in near real-time simply by scheduling the relevant data pipelines. 
CSV format for Adjust Raw data export

Data Centralization: Be it Adjust or some other platform that you use to market your products like Facebook, or Amazon, we offer 100+ integrations that allow you to centralize your data into a data warehouse so that you have real-time access to data and furthermore have it ready for downstream BI or analytics.

Reverse ETL: DataChannel's reverse ETL offering transforms data management by enabling direct integration with business tools, turning the data warehouse into a robust CDP. It offers data syncing, alerts, and previews within the platform, empowering businesses to optimize operations and enhance customer experiences.

Use Cases

These are some of the use cases for marketers to better understand how leveraging ELT tools like DataChannel to access, aggregate & transform Adjust Raw Data Export can benefit them.

Cart Abandonment Analysis: By integrating Adjust raw data export with other e-commerce data sources, marketers can identify users’ cart abandonment trends (using Adjust’s add-to-cart event), and you can attempt to reattribute these users directly.

A/B Testing and Experimentation: Let's imagine you want to A/B test your advertising efforts to see which one generates the most app installs. To compare the two advertising campaigns in detail, you use DataChannel and your Mobile Marketing Partner (MMP)-Adjust's raw data export. Installs, click-to-install rates (CTI), registrations, and other methods make this simple to accomplish. Given that your data is safely saved in a data warehouse, you can take it a step further and compare the performance of your ongoing advertising efforts year over year. You can even A/B test your holiday or other event-specific campaign using the App event Active Users to optimize changes in your daily, weekly, or monthly active users when looking for short-term trends. 

User Behaviour Analysis: Marketers can analyze Adjust raw data export to understand user browsing patterns, and create audience lists to segment their users based on in-app behavior by accessing their App Event (product-view, installs, first_time_app_purchaser, etc) via DataChannel. This helps in optimizing product recommendations, and bringing transparency into Marketing budgets.

Cost effective ETL & Reverse ETL

DataChannel's integration with Adjusts’ raw data export enables seamless data transformation and empowers business users and data analysts to optimize marketing strategies with comprehensive and granular data accessibility. Want to see Adjust Raw Data Export in action? Schedule a demo call today with us.

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