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By 2024, eCommerce sales are expected to grow up to $6 trillion. Various e-commerce platforms today, such as Amazon & Walmart are becoming giants in the retail space, overtaking offline modes. With this, there is an immense need to manage supply chain data coming in from these platforms – related to sales, listings, reviews, shipping and fulfillment, vendors, customers, inventory… the list goes on. To overcome this, companies are increasingly implementing cloud ERP solutions to streamline supply chain data.

Cloud-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) tools have played a significant role in the growth of supply chain management in recent years. These tools provide a centralized platform for businesses to manage various aspects of their operations, including inventory management, purchasing, sales, and logistics. These systems allow businesses to have better visibility of their entire supply chain, from raw materials to finished products. This allows them to better plan, forecast, and optimize their production, inventory, and distribution. This can lead to lower costs and improved efficiency, as well as better customer service.

In this article, we talk about EasyEcom, one of the upcoming cloud  omni-channel ERP platforms today. Let’s dive into how it works. 

What is EasyEcom?

EasyEcom is an omnichannel ERP platform that allows businesses to amplify the growth of sellers, D2C brands, and retailers. It simplifies your inventory, warehousing, purchasing, reconciliation, and accounting data and streamlines it according to your business operations. With 200+ global integrations for all the major marketplaces & storefronts, businesses today use this platform vigorously to list and manage their products across e-commerce platforms, enhancing their supply chain management. 

One of the best things about EasyEcom is its compatibility to integrate with various shipping partners and ERP tools to optimize operations, reduce downtime and make processes efficient. Let’s dive into how we can leverage EasyEcom for any E-commerce business today:

Key Features 

Centralized Inventory Management 

EasyEcom automates multi-channel inventory data across sales channels and warehouses. Everything is presented in a single dashboard, which lets you:

  • Automate multi-channel inventory & get a better analysis of your inventory data.
  • Smart inventory & planning replenishment.
  • Inventory visibility & control across supply chains.
  • Aggregate inventory across online & offline channels.
  • Predict your inventories & automate purchasing.

Seamless Warehouse Management

EasyEcom has the capability to track stock movements across multiple warehouses (offline and online) and aggregate inventory data warehouse-wise, ensuring timely order fulfillment. Businesses are adapting to such cloud-based tools to quickly minimize losses incurred due to stock out or overstocking situations.

Bulk Order Management

EasyEcom enables bulk listing your products on various e-commerce channels (Amazon, Walmart, Shopify, etc.) via single-click configuration. With this tool, you can run your online business with a central order management system, along with having centralized inventory management & wholesale order management.

Shipping & Logistics Management

EasyEcom provides for the following within logistics management:

  • Seamless shipping integration & tracking across multiple platforms.
  • Print shipping labels with both pre-defined AWB & non-integrated channels.
  • Prioritize logistics partners & smoothly handle multiple shipping partners.

Reconciliation Management

EasyEcom finds discrepancies or mismatches in your transactions with robust automation, notifying you about any errors that occurred during payments, returns, tax filing & more.

  • Automated payment reconciliation & automated multi-channel payment import.
  • Real-time return analysis.
  • Creating margin reports & accurate legal compliance taxation reports in real-time.

Accounting, Reporting & Analytics

EasyEcom automates all your accounting processes and tax calculations as well. It offers a complete view of your invoices, returns, credit notes, and accounting processes and gives you a consolidated picture of your finances. This tool is capable of integrating POS sales & one-click tax report exports & reconciliation.

Integrate & Activate Your Data with DataChannel

Integrate Your EasyEcom Data Effortlessly

There is a possibility to integrate with the EasyEcom API manually, which would require a massive coding effort and constant code maintenance or you could just get going in a matter of minutes by using DataChannel. With DataChannel, you can:

  • Consolidate your data: Just having a lot of data coming in doesn’t drive growth. One needs to know how to use it for different purposes. That’s why e-sellers are turning to cloud ETL tools and transforming datasets within data warehouses; essentially making them “usable”, and effectively analyzing them for various use cases.
  • Be on top of supply chain trends: It's important to note that supply chain trends are constantly changing, so staying on top of them requires continuous learning and adaptation. To do this, you need a data integration tool that can scale with your increasing volume of data and minimize your time spent on data replication/migration processes. The independence from struggling to fix pipelines due to frequent API & protocol changes will give your data teams a much needed boost.
  • Automate your reporting: Automating your reports to provide clearer & timely insights. When inconsitencies & errors in data are removed with ETL tools like DataChannel, automated reports enable better decision-making, which helps organizations in the long run. You can check our list of reports/objects here
  • Get real-time updates and reduce downtime: ETL platforms like DataChannel alert you in real-time for various situations like errors in bulk orders, inventory stock out, failed returns, etc. This enables you to quickly act on them and reduce downtime, optimizing your entire supply chain. No more tedious fixes just get your dashboards updated. With fresh & usable data on demand with DataChannel you never need to worry about reporting inconsistencies.

Gain Momentum with DataChannel

  • 100+ Data Sources. DataChannel’s ever-expanding list of supported data sources includes all popular advertising, marketing, CRM, financial, and eCommerce platforms and apps along with support for ad-hoc files, google sheets, cloud storages, relational databases, and ingestion of real-time data using webhooks. If we do not have the integration you need, reach out to our team and we will build it for you for free.
  • Powerful scheduling and orchestration features with granular control over scheduling down to the exact minute.
  • Granular control over what data to move. Unlike most tools which are highly opinionated and dictate what data they would move, we allow you the ability to choose down to field level what data you need. If you need to add another dimension or metric down the line, our easy-to-use UI lets you do that in a single click without any breaking changes to your downstream process. (Want to check how DataChannel stacks up against competition? Click here.)
  • Extensive Logging, fault tolerance and automated recovery allows for dependable and reliable pipelines. If we are unable to recover, the extensive notifications will alert you via slack, app and email for taking appropriate action.
  • Built to scale at an affordable cost. Our best-in-class platform is built with all ETL best practices built to handle billions of rows of data and will scale with your business when you need them to, while allowing you to only pay for what you use today.
  • Get started in minutes. Get started in minutes with our self-serve UI or with the help of our on-boarding experts who can guide you through the process. We provide extensive documentation support and content to guide you all the way.
  • Managed Data Warehouse. While cloud data warehouses offer immense flexibility and opportunity, managing them can be a hassle without the right team and resources. If you do not want the trouble of managing them in-house, use our managed warehouse offering and get started today. Whenever you feel you are ready to do it in-house, simply configure your own warehouse and direct pipelines to it.
  • Activate your data with Reverse ETL. Be future-ready and don’t let your data sit idle in the data warehouse or stay limited to your BI dashboards. The unidimensional approach toward data management is now undergoing a paradigm change. Instead, use DataChannel’s reverse ETL offering to send data to the tools your business teams use every day. Set up alerts & notifications on top of your data warehouse and sync customer data across all platforms converting your data warehouse into a powerful CDP (Customer Data Platform). You can even preview the data without ever leaving the platform.

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