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Zoho CRM X DataChannel to Sync and Manage Contacts Reliably

Activate data into Zoho CRM with DataChannel
Arti Gupta
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It has become imperative for businesses regardless of their size to have a CRM in their kitty. From automating repetitive tasks, fostering better customer relationships, scoring potential leads across a range of attributes, CRMs enable you to improve relationships with your customers right from the very beginning. 

In this blog, we’ll be discussing one such CRM– ZOHO, that helps you sync and manage your customers reliably, serves more than 250,000 businesses globally and also claims to be the world's favourite customer relationship management software.

What is Zoho CRM Used for?

No doubt CRMs are important for your business, but when it comes to choosing the right platform, the differentiating features that can make or break the call for you are-

Zoho CRM, though suitable for all business sizes is most suitable for SMBs owing to its lower ticket window. The platform offers centralized repository for-

  • Lead Management. Managing leads throughout their life cycle is also easily doable with Zoho CRM, on top of that, importing/ exporting relevant leads from external sources and as spreadsheets is also an add-on feature.
  • Contact Management. Similar to lead management, Zoho also enables efficient contact management as well. Moreover, going for sophisticated and personalized email marketing campaigns so that you can go beyond traditional cold calls and non-targeted campaigns.
  • Sales Pipeline Management. Zoho CRM allows businesses to define and customize their sales processes and pipelines. Sales teams can track deals, forecast revenues, and ensure a systematic progression of leads through the sales funnel.
  • Integrations. Its easy drag and drop interface offers easier learning curve, thus integration with social media platforms (and other relevant third-party applications) such as Facebook, and Twitter enables you to manage your social media analytics within Zoho itself. 
  • Scalability. The platform is also highly scalable and caters well to businesses’ increasing data needs. From offering a secure and reliable UI for syncing and managing contacts to building business logic with functions to fetch information from various applications (Order Management, ERPs, etc) in an automated manner.

Data Activation into Zoho CRM with DataChannel 

Activating data into Zoho CRM via DataChannel enables you to unlock limitless possibilities in terms of syncing your campaigns, contacts, and deals data so that our users can make business decisions comprehensively. You don’t even need to worry about data storage and integrations as DataChannel takes care of it all. We will now delve deeper into the multiple use cases that our Zoho CRM syncs have to offer for our users.

  • Synchronize Vital Lead Information: Integrate details about your leads from various platforms like Amazon, Shopify, or other CRM systems such as Freshsales and Hubspot. Additionally, pulling data from cloud collaboration tools like Airtable, where prospective lead info resides in spreadsheets, can be highly advantageous. By mapping essential customer fields like phone numbers, email addresses, shipping order details, and transaction history, marketers can enhance their customer targeting strategies and closely monitor lead status.
  • Better Conversions: Integrating data from various source systems allows for more effective lead management, leading to increased conversions. By closely monitoring the life cycle of leads, you can identify those with higher chances to convert into paying customers. This enables targeted and strategic email marketing campaigns, optimizing your efforts to convert leads into customers.
  • Tailored Data Filtering: Once you start syncing your data into Zoho CRM, you gain the capability to apply custom filters to your datasets based on various attributes. This includes segmenting customer groups based on activity over days, weeks, and months, as well as monitoring leads' sales duration and the anticipated time it takes for a lead to convert from the point of inception. Leveraging these filters and data insights can significantly strengthen your strategies for targeting leads and customers.
  • Campaign Data: Imagine if you could get campaign data into your CRM that too, fine-tuned to campaign budget (actual and expected cost), expected revenue out of your campaigns, duration of your campaigns, and the status of your campaigns. This data can help you better understand your customer choices and their preferences.
  • Easy Scheduling & Alerting: Automate your sync schedule with DataChannel, simply schedule your syncs with high granularity around the month, day and time of your sync runs, and also set up email & slack alerts for your sync runs. All of this can be done within a few clicks and using a simple drag and drop interface.

Reliable Data Activation to Zoho with DataChannel

We hope you were able to understand the multiple use cases that DataChannel’s reverse connector– Zoho CRM has to offer. Zoho can help you better understand and refine your lead targeting strategies with data incoming from different other platforms. 

If you are also looking to better your lead management strategy, or require support in configuring your workflows, reach out to us here.

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