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Youval Peltier
VP eCommerce Marketing & Analytics
Youval Peltier


  • Industry: Health & Wellness Manufacturing 
  • Headquarters: Salt Lake City, USA
  • Website: www.betterbeing.com/ 
  • Key Data Sources Configured: Amazon Seller Central, Amazon Vendor Central, Amazon Ads, Amazon DSP, Amazon AMC, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Google Analytics
  • Data Warehouse: DataChannel Managed Google Bigquery
  • Reporting/ BI tool: Tableau

Key results

  • Integrating data across marketing sources and Amazon marketplace for faster insights
  • Leveraging custom-built integrations for Amazon (Demand Side Platform and Amazon Marketing Cloud) to expand their ad networking channels
  • Enhanced reporting with granular data control 
  • Enabled a simpler data workflow, helping Better Being develop high-quality dashboards providing key insights into their day-to-day operations across multiple teams
  • Implementation partners helped their Operations, Product, Marketing & Sales teams gain actionable insights via business intelligence reporting

Company profile

Better Being Co. is a whole-body wellness platform that develops, manufactures, markets, and distributes trusted and beneficial vitamins, supplements, minerals, and personal care products through a portfolio of differentiated brands. The company is dedicated to providing innovative, high-quality products, including options crafted with a focus on natural and clean ingredients, to loyal consumers and compelling value to their global network of retail partners. The Company's core brands include Solaray, KAL, Zhou, Nu U, Heritage Store, Life Flo, and Zand Immunity.


Focused on expanding in the health & wellness industry, Better Being Co. planned to expand its online marketplace presence,  majorly on Amazon. As they started introducing various new brands under their wing, there was an immediate need to find a scalable solution to have a coherent view of all their product, marketing & sales data.

With more than 10 brands selling on Walmart, Shopify & Amazon marketplaces, Better Being Co. struggled to streamline data coming in from these platforms. Data was scattered across multiple marketplaces and under different brands. Apart from this, they initiated their own D2C selling and expanded their networking within the healthcare niche. 

Furthermore, collating data from various ad platforms (Google, Facebook, Amazon) was done manually, and was tedious and cumbersome. Manual aggregation & reporting led to error-prone data and delays in getting the right information at the right time, which often led to revenue losses and missing out on new business opportunities.

How Better Being Scaled its Operations With A Robust Data Stack?

Better Being data journey with DataChannel
  • DataChannel was integrated into their existing data stack and it helped bring better insights from data, providing a single source of truth
  • Centralizing all data into one platform and running advanced transformations for specific business problems. This feature helped Better Being scale its operations quickly, with the ability to handle millions of rows of data
  • Managed Data Warehouse(Google Big Query) provided by DataChannel offered them immense flexibility, with powerful scheduling and orchestration features and granular control over scheduling, down to the exact minute
  • DataChannel solved the most tricky piece of automating data pulls for Amazon from both the sellers (3P) and vendors (1P)
  • With enhanced reporting, they got quick and concise answers to complex questions related to business growth & performance, brand loyalty, etc
  • DataChannel enabled granular control over what data they wanted to see. We offered them the flexibility to choose what data they could pull
  • DataChannel built a solid consistency in their data flows and charged them only for the amount of data that was moved, helping Better Being grow with a product that reflects value for money
Data Sources Configured for Better Being__DataChannel

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