"DataChannel truly streamlined our approach to extracting insights from our partner marketing platforms."

Timothy T
CEO, Joy Wallet
Timothy T

Joy Wallet is a leading enterprise dedicated to bridging the financial literacy gap globally and making financial education accessible to everyone. With a diverse team of experts, Joy Wallet engages over 2 million readers monthly through its publisher network. To optimize its marketing efforts, Joy Wallet employs a blend of affiliate marketing, paid media, and organic traffic channels.

Industry: Technology, Information & Media

Headquarters: New York, United States

Website: Joy Wallet

Key Data Sources Configured: Google Ads, Bing Ads, Twitter Ads, Pinterest, Everflow, Appsflyer, Google Analytics 4, Facebook Ads, Tiktok Ads, Google Sheets, Google Drive, Taboola Ads, Snapchat, MongoDB, Amazon S3

Key Destinations Configured: GoogleSheets, Slack

Data Warehouse: AWS Redshift

Reporting Tool: Tableau

Data Stack

  • Data Sources Configured: 28
  • Total ‍Reports Configured: 300+
  • ‍Rows moved in a Month: 530+ M

Joy Wallet bringing Joy to Wallets

Joy Wallet stands as a multifaceted enterprise, boasting a diverse team including entrepreneurs, investors, fintech enthusiasts, writers, and data analysts. Their mission focuses on closing the global financial literacy gap and democratizing financial education. With an adept marketing team, Joy Wallet engages over 2 million readers monthly across various marketing channels.

The journey from Ad Spend to Insights

Joy Wallet as a financial resource website relies heavily on affiliate marketing and also enjoys a significant number of affiliates advertising heavily on its website. This necessitates the need of reliable monitoring and tracking of ad_spend data to identify if the marketing (affiliate) efforts are driving the kind of ROI that is expected. Everflow as a partner marketing platform does an outstanding job in bringing together and painting a comprehensive narrative to identify if Joy Wallet’s affiliate marketing strategy is headed in the right direction. 

In addition to affiliate marketing, Joy Wallet utilizes various prominent advertising platforms such as Google, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, and TikTok to expand its reach among its target audience.

How does Joy Wallet hit the bullseye with Everflow & DataChannel?

While leveraging multiple platforms to increase their brand value among audiences is one of the most reliable ways of connecting with the audience in today’s rapidly changing marketing landscape. Along with rigorous advertising what is also needed is efficient tracking, monitoring, and optimization of these efforts. 

Leveraging Everflow & DataChannel Together

Via Everflow, Joy Wallet was able to get almost all of the paid media related metrics such as Unique Clicks, Duplicate Clicks, CPA, CV, CVR, Revenue, Media Buying Cost, etc. However, to complete their marketing analytics, Ad_spend data was crucial, which DataChannel provided. DataChannel integrates various data sources, covering social media platforms like Google, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, allowing Joy Wallet to consolidate their scattered data and eliminate otherwise pertinent data silos.

Using our API integrations with these platforms Joy Wallet was able to consolidate their ad_spend data from all of these ad platforms. Afterwards, by incorporating the right matching & mapping of ad_set id’s to finally get both the bigger picture & granular view of their advertising data. With Everflow & DataChannel, Joy Wallet was able to streamline their entire marketing journey with their affiliate partners while also ensuring their paid media efforts are aligned with their expectations.

End-to-End App Attribution via Everflow, DataChannel, and Appsflyer

Amongst its Affiliate Audience, Joy Wallet also works with websites which promote their own mobile applications on the former’s website. Joy Wallet lets its affiliates run offers on its website, these offers basically direct users to external websites or the App Store for mobile apps.

Now, in terms of establishing granularity and comprehensiveness of these offers, Joy Wallet uses Appsflyer, a mobile marketing attribution tool along with Everflow and DataChannel. Once users click on offers and land on the App Store's marketing page, Joy Wallet and its affiliates leverage Appsflyer to accurately track app installations.

Going one step further, Appsflyer enables Joy Wallet to monitor user behavior post-installation, including installs, ad revenue, user demographics, and uninstalls.

Combining the affiliate data gathered via Everfow and topping it with Appsflyer app attribution, Joy Wallet was able to go the extra mile with its affiliate partners & marketing strategies.

Paid Media Attribution made Intuitive

One of the primary reasons why Joy Wallet used Everflow was its intuitive interface and the ability to build interactive dashboards within the console itself. The dashboards enable users to get all of their analytics gathered in one place. Moreover, Everflow’s flexible customization and easy monitoring of hourly data segregated across different time zones also made the entire process much more seamless & effortless.

Driving both Paid Media & Organic Performance simultaneously

Not only paid marketing efforts, Joy Wallet used Google Analytics (GA) to have their organic traffic data at their disposal. That’s where DataChannel helped further via its API integration with GA.  Leveraging GA, Everflow capitalized on both paid and organic avenues, simultaneously enhancing performance across both platforms.

"DataChannel truly streamlined our approach to extracting insights from our partner marketing platforms. We were able to elevate our marketing game significantly owing to the custom integrations that DataChannel provided us. We also leveled up our paid media and organic attribution which was a challenge earlier."
~Timothy T, CEO @Joy Wallet

Data Extraction & Activation via DataChannel

After successful data extraction, Joy Wallet also had a smooth data activation journey with DataChannel. For every pipeline run across a number of connectors, using our integration with Slack, Joy Wallet was able to get notified on their Slack workspaces themselves. Additionally, they leveraged Google Sheets to better report their affiliate data on a monthly or quarterly basis. By building relevant tables in spreadsheets they were able to track the performance of their partners across a range of metrics for a particular time range easily.

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