"DataChannel did all of what we asked for at scale without any major roadblocks along the way.”

Rishubh Satiya
Co-founder & CEO at Plix
Rishubh Satiya

Plix Life- Driving high on Nutrition!

Plix, a Marico acquired Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) brand, has carved its niche in the market by offering an array of irresistibly delicious nutrition goodies. What sets Plix apart is its commitment to making wellness an enjoyable lifestyle choice for everyone. The brand not only boasts a diverse range of products, including effervescent tablets, gummies, peanut butter, and capsules but also offers unique features like personalized plans for aging, weight-loss, and skin glow. Plix's loyalty programs and innovative BYOB (Build Your Own Box) option further solidify its rapport with regular and loyal customers. 

Industry: Wellness & Fitness Services

Headquarters: Mumbai, India

Website: Plix Life 

Key Data Sources Configured: AmazonSellerCentral, UniCommerce, AmazonS3, Shopify, GoogleDrive, ClickPost, FacebookAdsAdvanced

GoogleSheets, AmazonAds, GoogleAnalytics4, GoogleAdsV2, REST

Data Warehouse: DC Managed AWS Redshift

Reporting Tool: Tableau

Data Stack 

Data Sources Configured: 17

Data Pipelines Configured: 165+

Rows moved in a Month: 60 M+

Delivering Personalization at Scale with DataChannel

With a mission to revolutionize the way people perceive nutrition, Plix ensures that there's never a dull moment on the journey to a healthier lifestyle. Plix was started with a vision to change the way the world consumes plant-based superfoods. In order to make nutrition less intimidating and fuel the habit of incorporating cleanliness, Plix focused on providing plant based superfoods as a part of a healthy, active lifestyle for every individual.

Self-Serving Pipelines to gain the insights that matter

The image shows all of the key data sources configured by DataChannel for Plixlife

Plix’s Journey of Overcoming their Challenges 

Plix being a D2C website relied heavily on data for their day-to-day product and marketing activities. As it also sells on other eCommerce websites, keeping up with customer preferences and other marketing trends was mission critical for Plix. However, without a robust data infrastructure that could scale effectively, Plix faced some major obstacles in their journey of offering personalizing nutrition to their customers. A few of primary the challenges that Plix faced earlier were:

  • Extracting marketing data from GA4 to discern user sources via UTM functionality.
  • Difficulty in finding pre-built integration with Unicommerce.
  • Acquiring fresh SKU-level data in Google Sheets for granular analysis and decision-making.
  • Obtaining data from Farzicomm, an ecommerce website critical for Plix's sales strategy.
  • Ensuring centralized data storage with error logging for efficient troubleshooting.
The image shows the entire data stack that Plixlife leveraged while working with DataChannel including major data sources, the data warehouse (AWS Redshift) and reporting tableau.
"As a Performance Marketer, having up-to-date data for effective retargeting & personalization can make or break the game. What we really loved about DataChannel is its low code approach, we were able to draw critical & time-sensitive marketing insights out of our data."
~ Anusha Sanghvi, Performance Marketing at Plix

Data-Driven Solutions Behind Plix's Success

Plix, heavily reliant on data for its day-to-day operations, found robust solutions through DataChannel:

  • Custom integration with Unicommerce facilitated seamless data retrieval, including order details and cancellations.
  • Enhanced granularity achieved with SKU-level data aggregation in AWS Redshift data warehouse.
  • Simplified dashboard creation using Tableau, powered by fresh & up-to-date data from Redshift.
  • Real-time data access enabled through automated email snapshots and cohort analysis.
  • Holistic data view achieved by integrating Farzicomm data into Amazon S3 and subsequently Redshift.
  • Error logging and real-time reporting features expedited issue resolution and ensured data accuracy.
  • DataChannel has also introduced Plix to a leading Consulting Partner who also helped them build really engaging & interactive dashboards.

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