"DataChannel has helped us gain access to real-time data quickly, helping us smoothen out the bottlenecks faced while analyzing data."

Minu Margeret
Founder & CEO at BlissClub
Minu Margeret
“DataChannel has helped us gain access to real-time data quickly, helping us smoothen out the bottlenecks faced while analyzing data. The platform saved us hours of development efforts, helped us enhance productivity and minimize data observability hurdles. With assistance from the onboarding team, we were up and running in just a few hours and were able to get a 360-degree view of our customers. Also, their agility with adopting custom integrations for us has been exceptional.”


  • Industry: Retail Apparel & Fashion 
  • Headquarters: Bengaluru, India
  • Website: https://blissclub.com/ 
  • Key Data Sources Configured: Google Analytics, Shopify, Facebook Ads, PostgreSQL 
  • Data Warehouse: DataChannel Managed Amazon RedShift
  • Reporting/ BI tool: Google Data Studio
  • Reverse ETL Destinations: Moengage, Google Sheets

Key results

  • DataChannel automated the import of data into a managed data warehouse (Amazon Redshift). This helped their team avoid tiresome maintenance and administration of data pipelines resulting in a flexible, agile, and reliable data aggregation process.
  • Using DataChannel’s Reverse ETL, BlissClub’s data was effectively activated across different domains. With MoEngage, a marketing automation platform, BlissClub was able to sync data to create hyper-personalized campaigns, which in turn helped them deliver a better customer experience.
  • Custom-built integrations namely Razorpay and Moengage were deployed for them by the DataChannel team. These data sources were key for optimizing their payments, rewards, referrals, loyalty systems, etc.

Company Profile 

BlissClub is a leading fashion brand for comfortable activewear, styled for Indian women. What began as a personal attempt at making a better pair of workout clothes, has now turned this company into a revolution to get women across the country to go out, workout, and move around more comfortably and freely. BlissClub is growing rapidly with respect to its community, to bring about a positive impact on the Indian sportswear landscape. 

Challenges – Before DataChannel 

With exponential business growth, BlissClub urgently needed their data to be integrated from marketing & eCommerce platforms on a daily basis. Data points of returns, repeat clicks, add-to-carts, wish lists, etc. from multiple e-commerce platforms were proving to be a tedious task. The BI dashboards refresh for critical business decisions was suffering a delay as a result impacting overall agility & responsiveness. 

In a nutshell, the challenges faced were:

  • No centralized data warehouse in their tech infrastructure, resulting in scattered, siloed data across multiple apps & tools. 
  • The team did not have a clear visibility of what campaigns were bringing them the most sales. In order to find actionable insights, they had to revert to individual platforms.
  • Refresh of data in BI dashboards was suffering a delay due to brittle and sub-optimal data pipelines. A major amount of time & effort was being wasted in trying to fix and maintain the data flow rather than focussing on enhancing business insights. 

How BlissClub Won The Market by Integrating Data At Scale 

BlissClub was able to get their data to work within a few hours of implementation partnership with Datachannel. DataChannel assisted them to load historical data with ease. Data flows from multiple platforms were configured and set on automatic schedules . A DataChannel managed Amazon RedShift data warehouse was configured to serve as a central data repository to drive all data functions. Data pipelines to the data warehouse were deployed at scale, helping them gain momentum with their data. 

In addition, DataChannel executed effortless reverse ETL  data syncs on apps such as MoEngage and Google Sheets effectively putting their data to work. This helped Bliss Club optimize their sales & marketing alignment, reach new customer segments, expand their market, and make improvements to their campaigns, effectively increasing their ROI. 

DataChannel also created custom integrations data sources for BlissClub (Razorpay & Moengage), helping them integrate data from these platforms into their existing analytics ecosystem. 

The results of implementing this future ready modern data stack were evident across business functions and has helped BlissClub achieve exponential abilities to effectively leverage their data. 

Technology Stack BlissClub with DataChannel

“On an average, BlissClub effortlessly moves 150+ Million rows of data on a month”

Their Complete Stack of Data Sources within DataChannel 

Data Sources Integrated by BlissClub with DataChannel

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