"DataChannel was the perfect solution we were looking for to democratize our data across multiple teams and tools seamlessly."

CEO at Nimble Wireless
“DataChannel was the perfect solution we were looking for to democratize our data across multiple teams and tools seamlessly. Data is the oxygen for any new age company and in our case, we had a huge challenge of integrating dozens of data sources from marketplaces, eCommerce and social/search ad platforms. With DataChannel we were able to achieve the effective dashboard that helped our teams across locations to be in sync. Thanks DC for the great support !”


  • Industry :  Wireless Services
  • Headquarter : California, USA
  • Website: https://nimblewireless.com 
  • Key Data Sources Configured : Amazon Ads, Shopify, Walmart, Chargebee, + 10 more
  • Data Warehouse : Google BigQuery 
  • Reporting/ BI tools : Google Looker Studio

Key Results

  • With DataChannel, Nimble Wireless was able to get a cost effective solution to their data challenges and were able to set up a modern data stack powering their decision making while saving more than 10 hours of their analysts’ time every week.
  • By loading data from Amazon apps & other e-commerce platforms into a data warehouse, on an hourly basis, they now have a clear visibility of important business metrics, allowing accurate and timely decisions.
  • DataChannel enabled their data teams to pull subscription details with a custom-built integration from Chargebee

Company Profile  

Nimble is a pioneer and leader in futuristic IoT solutions that found its niche in Commerce, Logistics and Pet safety. Comprising of Waggle product ecosystems, Nimble believes in creating ground-breaking solutions for its clients, along with supporting social causes such as Protection for Pets and Peace of mind for pet parents. Nimble’s IoT solutions find applications in multiple verticals such as Pet Protection, Cold Chain Logistics, Green Energy, and Healthcare industries.

Challenges - Before DataChannel

With a continually increasing data volume spread across platforms, Nimble needed a data tool that could work at scale and integrate data from multiple e-commerce and marketing platforms into a data warehouse to set up a single source of truth. With Stitch Data, an ETL tool they were using, they lacked data sources like Amazon Ads, Amazon Marketplace, Walmart and other integrations vital to their operations. 

The main challenges faced prior to implementing DataChannel were:

  • Lack of required integrations and inability to integrate required data points from all their data sources. 
  • A lot of their data ETL was happening through pain-staking and error prone manual processes, making it difficult for the leadership to get the desired visibility.
  • Lack of quality support from their existing ETL provider.
  • Struggling to find a solution that would allow them to have clean, usable and reliable data sets.
Technology Stack - Nimble Wireless with DataChannel
Technology Stack - Nimble Wireless

How DataChannel enabled a Smoother Data Integration Process for Nimble Wireless

Nimble switched to DataChannel from Stitch Data and started integrating data from all their data sources within hours into their Google Bigquery data warehouse. The simple, easy to use UI allowed them to create data pipelines for Amazon Ads, Chargebee, Walmart, Shopify, and a number of other data sources without expert assistance. With the advanced scheduling and transformation capabilities, the pipelines and downstream transformations were scheduled and set up.

List of Data sources integrated with DataChannel
All Data Sources Integrated with DataChannel

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