“Getting access to timely KPIs has been a game-changer !"

Vinit Kachchi
Sr. Associate Data Analyst at The Souled Store
Vinit Kachchi


Key Results

  • DataChannel eliminated complex manual scripts and deployed a no-code, automated & robust data pipeline framework within a few days.
  • Saved around 40 hours of data engineering effort each week, allowing the data team to focus more on innovation and strategic vision, providing valuable inputs for real-time decision making.
  • Helped to optimize their marketing spends, leading to higher ROI on paid campaigns.
  • Improving web analytics & helping them attain a 360 view of their customers.
  • DataChannel deployed a future-proof ETL solution that can scale seamlessly with The Souled Store's future growth and expansion strategy.

Company Profile

Launched in 2013, The Souled Store is India’s most prominent brand for official and licensed merchandise. It is a fast-growing online retailer based in Mumbai that sells a diverse range of fashion items and accessories. The fast-growing retail brand redesigned and automated its analytics architecture with DataChannel to optimize its marketing spending and build closer connections with its customers. 

Challenges – Before DataChannel 

Aggregating data from multiple platforms manually culminated challenges such as error-prone or missing data, disparity in datasets, and inability to segregate core business functions at The Souled Store 

  • It was a tedious process for them to collate the data manually, hopping from one platform to another. Their business infrastructure required a future-proof solution that worked at scale with their increasing volume of data. 
  • Scattered data over multiple sources resulted in the classical data silo issues ,  hindering smart decision-making. The need of the hour was to aggregate multiple data sources across various marketing platforms, business systems, device storage, and centralize them into a single source of truth.
  • Lack of fresh data for various KPIs such as ROI, CTC, ROAS, CPC, etc. Their requirement was a robust ELT solution that facilitates trustworthy, timely, automated, and granular data access for effective reporting.
  • The focus was divided between core business functions and data aggregation / management. This called for a cloud-based solution for integrating their data into Google Bigquery data warehouse , which then drove their entire downstream reporting & BI functions.

How Onboarding with DataChannel Helped them Modernize Their Data Stack

DataChannel aggregated multiple marketing, analytics, and storage platforms to create a single source of truth, which in turn powered customizable user dashboards and reporting.

  • 5 Data sources were configured within days, instead of months. 
  • Data Pipelines built by DataChannel started ingesting data into Google BigQuery data warehouse, with a refresh frequency of as desired.
  • They were able to easily scale their business ops smoothly and with complete control.
  • Enhanced data visibility and better qaulity data to run downstream analytics.

After the data suitably was transformed, the Souled Store’s data team could easily create reports via Google Data Studio and obtain a clear view of all their business data.

The Souled Store_ETL

Data Stack used by The Souled Store

Data Stack of the Souled Store

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