"DataChannel is flexible and scalable. It has everything we need, from granular control over data we are integrating to a quick turnaround time by the support team."

Puneet Tripathi
Head of Analytics at Wakefit
Puneet Tripathi
“DataChannel is flexible and scalable. It has everything we need, from granular control over data we are integrating to a quick turnaround time by the support team. In addition, we get easy access to data with the custom integrations, built to enhance our reporting. Now, our team has much better data visibility as compared to before and the connectors covered by the platform reduce a lot of effort on data integrations.”


  • Industry: Furniture & Home Furnishings Manufacturing
  • Headquarters: Bengaluru, India
  • Website: www.wakefit.co 
  • Key Data Sources Configured: Amazon seller central, Amazon ads, Google search console, Google Analytics 4
  • Data Warehouse: Amazon Redshift
  • BI tool: Tableau
  • Reverse ETL Destinations: Google sheets, Facebook Ads & Google Ad Words
  • Custom-built integrations: Moengage, Zendesk, Google Search Console

Key Results

  • Optimizing Wakefit’s internal reporting processes by accessing real-time data from Amazon Seller Central Shopify, Google Search Console and Analytics.
  • Better reporting with real-time data visibility , helping them solve specific business problems.
  • Embracing the future by implementing a Reverse ETL solution to activate their data.
DataChannel - Wakefit Solution Architecture
Solution Architecture for Wakefit with DataChannel

Company Profile

Wakefit Innovations Pvt. Ltd. started with one mission —  enabling individuals to get quality sleep through its scientifically developed products. After the success of sleep solutions, Wakefit has now expanded into the home solutions space, launching furniture in categories such Sofas, TV Units, Coffee Tables, Bookshelves, Study Tables and much more. The founders plan to double down on the company’s strengths, which include strong manufacturing capabilities, in-house R&D and Direct-to-consumer DNA with a focus on engineering products that facilitate ergonomics and overall wellness. Wakefit manufactures and sells its products and believes in imparting the best user and customer experience in all facets. 

Challenges – before partnering with DataChannel 

Wakefit, being a D2C company, had a lot of sales coming in from e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and other marketplaces. Getting data from Amazon seller central was important yet a challenge for them. They were initially trying to make sense of data related to orders, returns, inventory, and fulfillment on Google sheets manually, since their previous data aggregation platform Stitch Data lacked Amazon Seller Central integration.The key challenges faced prior to partnering with DataChannel were:

  • Delays in data flows and error-prone data due to some  ETL processes being done manually.
  • Lack of support for sources like Amazon Seller Central with their existing ETL tool (Stitch Data). 
  • Sub-optimal utilization of time and effort of the data team trying to collect data and map schemas, when they could have spent that time analyzing data and making business decisions.
  • Limited data visibility as the data was scattered around various platforms and essentially siloed. Different business teams faced hurdles accessing data, resulting in unreliable reporting.

How DataChannel deployed a robust solution 

Wakefit started using DataChannel and was able to quickly integrate data from Amazon Seller Central, Facebook ads, Zendesk, Google search console and a number of other critical data sources. With DataChannel’s UI-driven platform, reliable data pipelines were built and their data started moving to Amazon Redshift data warehouse , just within a few hours. 

The Wakefit team used DataChannel to automate their reporting, run advanced transformations on their data, and visualize it easily on Tableau BI tools. Once their data pipelines were up and running, they saw the real potential of the platform and decided to utilize the data sync functionality. This helped them send their audience data easily to their marketing platforms like Facebook ads, Google Ads, etc.

Data Sources Connected for Wakefit by DataChannel
Data Sources Connected with DataChannel for Wakefit

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