"DataChannel has greatly improved our ability to access data reliably that was previously challenging to obtain."

Melvin Davis Vallully
Head of Data Analytics, Wow Skin Science
Melvin Davis Vallully


With DataChannel, WOW Skin Science has transformed its data infrastructure, enabling wider access to data ingestion, transformation & activation while reducing the day-to-day need for engineering involvement in pipeline creation and management.

Industry: Retail Health & Personal Care Products

Headquarters: Bangalore, India

Website: https://www.buywow.in/

Key Data Sources Configured: Facebook Ads, Amazon Seller Central, Amazon Ads, Unicommerce, PostgreSQL, Webhooks, Google Ads, ClickPost, AppsFlyer, REST API, Google Cloud Storage

Data Warehouse: Google BigQuery

Reverse ETL destinations: Unicommerce, Google Ads Conversions, Facebook Ads Audiences

Be WOW, Naturally!

WOW Skin Science is a Premium D2C brand selling products completely free from Harmful Sulfates, Silicones & Parabens. Their massive product portfolio includes supplements, herbal blends, creams, serums, lotions, shampoos, bath & body products, men’s grooming products, essential oils, massagers, and more. WOW Skin Science sells its products on multiple marketplaces like Amazon, Nykaa, 1mg, Myntra, and many more along with its D2C storefront. Their innovative products are a data-driven result of constant customer feedback and efforts for a greener tomorrow through sustainable business practices.

Key Results

  • With DataChannel, WOW Skin was able to centralize the key data coming from various platforms. This included the data coming from Advertising channels, Marketplaces, D2C website, and, their Supply Chain Platform.
  • They were facing a  challenge in integrating data from their supply chain partner, Unicommerce. DataChannel seamlessly extracted reports such as Sale Orders, Products, SKU Inventory distribution, and many more for WOW Skin Science.
  • With the Amazon Ads integration, WOW Skin was able to access data for Campaign & Performance related data for Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and ASINs, enabling direct access to reporting.
  • With Unicommerce(a commonly used Supply Chain and Inventory Management Platform by emerging Indian D2C brands) as a Destination, WOW Skin was able to get the orders recorded in an automated way to the Unicommerce console, reducing the manual effort for the analysts.
  • Using Webhooks they were able to quickly integrate data from Dukaan which did not have a public API. This enabled their migration from Shopify seamlessly without impacting their downstream data processes.


The founders at WOW Skin Science have believed in data-backed decision-making and always wanted their team to deliver the results with factual data instead of just assumptions. They needed to streamline operations with a centralized view of all their data – from customer data, sales, marketing performance and delivery. In light of the substantial daily influx of data, it became imperative for them to optimize their data stack in order to extract meaningful insights promptly. A few challenges they faced were:

  • Wow skin science, like many fast-growing companies, had scattered systems for collecting data and an over-reliance on spreadsheets and manual inputs which were not scalable.
  • They were not able to obtain comprehensive insights from their Warehouse & Inventory Management Platform, Unicommerce. With an industry-wide focus on increased velocity of supply chains this was proving to be a major challenge.
  • WOW Skin had recently migrated its storefront to Dukaan, and the generation of New Orders, Updated Orders, and Abandoned Cart Orders posed a challenging task in terms of tracking these data points.
  • Data was coming in from various marketplaces and was distributed across multiple systems, creating silos for their business teams and they were struggling to make critical decisions.
  • While converting the raw data in an analytics-ready format, they encountered problems like staleness of data, incomplete metrics etc leading to bottlenecks in creating trustworthy data snapshots.
  • Manually entering the orders to Unicommerce received via various marketplaces was time-consuming and prone to delays.


Partnering with DataChannel centered around setting up a robust data aggregation mechanism and building reliable data pipelines. As a result, WOW Skin Science achieved a clear and concise understanding of its marketing and advertising performance along with the inventory management platforms. Efficient automation enabled the seamless transfer of data to Google BigQuery data warehouse, ensuring that it was aggregated in a format ready for analytics. This facilitated a well-organized data flow that instilled trust among WOW Skin's business teams, empowering them to provide valuable insights to the appropriate stakeholders.

They got outstanding results with respect to: 

  • Refreshing their data pipelines on an hourly basis to obtain near real-time insights. This provided fresh actionable data to improve productivity and enhance their sales and marketing endeavors.
  • DataChannel brought a clear understanding of the reporting from their supply chain partner (Unicommerce) by automating the ingestion of various reports at a regular cadence.
  • With data being extracted from their storefront (Dukaan) via Webhooks, they had a near real-time understanding of the total orders received via our D2C Website, and the total number of returns placed. Also, insights into abandoned carts and customer behavior were now available.
  • The support offered by DataChannel facilitated a smooth and hassle-free migration from legacy systems. This allowed the analysts to focus on actual analysis, freeing up their bandwidth for more productive tasks

Tech Stack used by WOW Skin Science

WOW Skin Science Tech Stack_DataChannel

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