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High Performer 2023 G2 - DataChannel

Single platform for reliable & scalable ETL/Reverse ETL pipelines

Spending excessively on multiple complex tools? Efficiently scale data ops using a single platform custom built for all requirements of your data teams and save up to 75% of your costs.

Data Warehouse Selection feature for DataChannel

Choose from the most popular cloud data warehouses

Don't want the hassle of managing a data warehouse? We are the only platform which offers an integrated managed data warehouse to meet all your data management needs.

Start leveraging your data in minutes

Select from a growing library of 100+ fully managed connectors and 20+ destinations - SaaS apps, databases, data warehouses, and more.

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Image showing integrations offered by DataChannel
Image showing data preview and scheduling features of DataChannel

Granular control & data visibility

Completely secure granular control over what data to move. Schedule & Transform your data for analytics seamlessly in sync with your pipelines. Preview data in your warehouse without SQL workbenches.

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Activate your data with DataChannel Reverse ETL

Send your data from your data warehouse to any marketing, sales, or business application of your choice.

reverse etl illustration with datachannel

Leverage the power of your data warehouse as CDP

Build 360 View of Customer in your data warehouse, retain complete control over sensitive customer data & empower your business SaaS applications.

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Create & Manage Audiences with No Code audience builder

Create Customer Segments, No SQL Required. With our point-and-click audience builder, business teams can segment customers and create cohorts without relying on data teams

Image of Segment & Audience Builder for Reverse ETL in DataChannel
Slack Notification Reverse ETL DataChannel

Go beyond dashboards & create alerts on your warehouse

Constantly checking dashboards is a thing of the past. Get proactive notifications in your existing messaging stack as your data changes.

"DataChannel makes ETL easy, effective & efficient." - Tom Murray

Managing Director, Jump 450 Media

All we did was set up a few pipelines by entering our credentials and tweaking some source-specific parameters like breakdown criteria, frequency of update, etc. to suit our client’s needs, and that’s it. Now, thirty different sources are being automatically aggregated & delivered into our AWS Redshift warehouse, at a granularity and frequency of our choosing without us ever writing a single piece of code whatsoever.

"DataChannel is flexible and scalable."

"It has everything we need, from granular control over data we are integrating, to a quick turnaround time by the support team.

Puneet Tripathi, Head of Analytics @ Wakefit
data sources integrated
man hours saved per month

"DataChannel redefines your relationship with data."

"Our team simply loves DataChannel, it enables them to make data-driven marketing decisions and that too in real-time.”

Kshitij N, Marketing Analyst
data sources integrated
man hours saved per month

"DataChannel is a reliable data ETL and replication partner."

"Prior to DataChannel, my team was deferring to manual reports, pivot tables, and built in dashboards on our advertising channels. Data Channel helped us save tons of time with the repetitive data download, cleaning, and aggregation."

Emily L, co-founder, Small Business
data sources connected
Million rows of data moved per month

Empower your business with seamless data integration