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ActiveCampaign x DataChannel: For Data Activation & Personalization

Activate data into ActiveCampaign to enable precise targeting and personalized communication.
Arti Gupta
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ActiveCampaign is an integrated customer relationship management (CRM) platform popular with small & medium sized businesses. It offers email marketing, marketing automation, and sales automation features. You can automate marketing workflows, segment contacts, and score product as well as marketing qualified leads with ActiveCampaign. The platform also allows its users to track website visitor behavior and provides direct messaging support. 

In this blog on Data Activation into ActiveCampaign we’ll be discussing in detail what it is used for, major advantages and use cases of operationalizing data into the CRM platform using DataChannel such as better personalization, updating important fields in your existing contact lists, etc. 

Let’s dive in!

ActiveCampaign is primarily used for email marketing, but it also offers robust data management, deal tracking, and audience segmentation capabilities to help businesses create and manage marketing campaigns more effectively.

Why Activate data into ActiveCampaign using DataChannel?

In our first blog on ActiveCampaign, we discussed how our users can ETL their way into leveraging ActiveCampaign to its fullest potential. From Data Centralization to Long-term Strategy Planning, we covered how leveraging ActiveCampaign and DataChannel together can indeed provide an in-depth understanding of all your marketing efforts.

After covering ETL, we will be talking about what doors can Reverse ETL (using DataChannel) & ActiveCampaign open for you when used in conjunction. Reverse ETL becomes a key factor when it comes to personalizing customer experiences, enabling prompt decision-making, and promoting a data-driven culture within an organization. It enables organizations to glean true value out of transformed data by increasing data accessibility across business teams and their diverse needs.  

Some of the major advantages of integrating with DataChannel’s latest destination – ActiveCampaign are-

  • 360º Customer Profiles: When your marketing efforts and prospects are spread across various tools, you miss out on some major opportunities to capitalize on that require- comprehensive demographic insights, complete customer journeys, and the necessary data around touchpoints and no. of ads required ads to close deals. However, our extensive range of marketing integrations, such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Amazon, and AppsFlyer, allows you to create unified 360º customer profiles. These profiles can then be seamlessly synchronized with ActiveCampaign to promote consistency and better understanding of your customers.
  • Dynamic Audiences: Create granular segments or audiences based on any data so you can send personalized emails, show ads to inactive users to re-engage them, promote new features to users who have previously actively purchased your products all by operationalizing data into ActiveCampaign via DataChannel.
  • Marketing Personalization: Send the right message to the right person every time, all the time. Automatically segment and nurture leads to create cross selling opportunities, send product recommendations based on customer interactions with your website, and trigger campaigns with up-to-date data.
  • Build Accounts & Account Association: The Accounts pipeline lets you capture details about the businesses you work with at an account level and keep it all in one place. With Accounts, you can store and track details in account fields, see all contacts associated with a business, create segments, and personalize emails with account fields. Some of the data modeling tactics that you can use for better segmenting by accessing your customer accounts data and data related to account associations such as Job Titles, industry vertical, annual revenue of the company they belong to, last date of their trial, their activation date, The number of key activities a user did in your app in the last 7/30 days, etc.
  • Update Contact List Status: A list is a group of contacts who have opted in to receiving communications from you. Lists are also the primary way to broadly group contacts based on interest or message type (newsletter, announcements, alerts). You can easily move a contact from one list to another such as from lead acquired to lead converted list after they make their first purchase or subscribe for a paid service on your website.
  • Create new Contacts: A contact is a unique email address. You can create a contact with only an email address or with other detailed information such as phone number, first and last name, and if the user provided their LinkedIn tag, etc. 

Elevate your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with DataChannel

DataChannel's latest destination, ActiveCampaign, empowers businesses to supercharge their customer engagement. Seamlessly integrate ActiveCampaign's versatile capabilities into your data workflows, enabling precise targeting, automation, and personalized communication. To explore how this integration can elevate your marketing efforts, book a demo call with us today and unlock the potential of data-driven customer engagement.

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