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Amazon SP Notifications API & DataChannel for real-time Business Updates

The Selling Partner API enables Amazon Partners to receive notifications about unique and business-relevant updates.
Arti Gupta
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Amazon (Selling Partner) SP Notification API

The Selling Partner API for Notifications enables Selling Partners to stay informed about business-relevant updates without the need for constant polling. This API allows you to set up a destination where you'll receive notifications, subscribe to specific types of notifications, manage your notification subscriptions, and more. Instead of continuously checking for information, your application can now receive real-time updates from Amazon whenever an event triggers a notification you've subscribed to.

What is Amazon’s Order API?

The Selling Partner API for Orders helps you programmatically retrieve order information. These APIs let you develop fast, flexible, custom applications in areas like order synchronization, order research, and demand-based decision support tools. Note: Amazon's Selling Partner API can be used for both Sellers & Vendors, and is designed to improve efficiency & boost growth.

For more information on Amazon Selling Partner Order API, read our blog, Amazon SP Order API X DataChannel 

How can you leverage your SP Notification data?

Our integration with Amazon Notifications API offers multiple advantages such as taking care of your historical data, rate limits, creating a single layer of truth for all your data, handling API or schema changes, maintaining data quality so that you always have access to updated and unbreakable data.

Note: With DataChannel, you can choose to get notifications on either your own AWS SQS queue or DataChannel managed SQS.

The types of notifications supported by DataChannel are discussed in detail in our Amazon SP API Documentation, and their use cases are covered below in detail-

  • Inventory Management: Selling partners can receive notifications’ data fine-tuned to every hour directly in their data warehouse whenever there is a change in the Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) inventory or any shipment addition/ cancellation specific to a seller. This enables them to automate restocking or managing their FBA orders & inventory, ensuring best-in-class customer service.


  • Order Fulfillment: By integrating SP Notifications API with DataChannel, sellers can gather updated notifications about new orders and order status changes. This allows for the automation of order processing and fulfillment workflows, leading to hassle-free end-to-end shipping processes.

(Notifications Supported: ORDER_CHANGE, ORDER_STATUS_CHANGE)

  • Competitive Pricing: Sellers can set up notifications  (for the top 20 offers on single or as well as multiple items), both for their own products and those of other retailers. This enables them to make quick pricing/ offer adjustments to remain competitive, and profitable.


  • ASIN Level Data: Selling partners can even collect ASIN level data via DataChannel to streamline sales and inventory management. These types of notifications can be used to gather page traffic data at single or multiple ASIN levels, moreover  by triggering sales events for a scheduled time intervals (again on ASIN level), sellers can monitor performance for specific ASINs, and make relevant changes to product listings, and optimize product detail pages (PDPs) accordingly.


  • Custom Notifications: DataChannel allows sellers and vendors to create customized notifications for specific event triggers. With our robust scheduling & automation, users can regulate and monitor data movement as well as quality within a single platform. The SP API reports generated can furthermore be segmented across different marketplaces, seller accounts, and order SKUs to make things even more holistic and granular for our users.
  • Performance and Analytics: Centralized access to your entire inventory of notifications enables you to make agile, and data-driven decisions for your business efficiently. Sellers can very easily monitor and update (any) changes in their orders, sales, and pricing data in a single place to improve their overall customer service and performance.

Automate Updates with Amazon SP API & DataChannel

By integrating SP Notifications API data with ELT tools, sellers can reduce manual monitoring, schedule notifications for relevant event triggers, and optimize their customer experience based on updated data for better customer service and business growth. 

The specific use cases however depend on a seller's unique business needs and data analysis requirements, but the manual intervention part remains ubiquitous across business needs. If you also want to automate your Amazon SP API data movement, then book a quick demo call with us today!

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