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Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) : Boost your eCommerce Operations

Leverage Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) and DataChannel together to boost your eCommerce Operations
Arti Gupta
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About SFCC (Salesforce Commerce Cloud)

A cloud-based e-commerce platform, Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) is leveraged mostly by businesses to create flawless online shopping experiences. It offers tools for managing products, orders, customer data, and marketing campaigns. SFCC offers scalability, robust website customization, and integration with other Salesforce solutions, enabling companies to deliver personalized shopping journeys across multiple channels. With its diverse range of features, SFCC helps businesses drive higher sales conversions, enhance customer engagement, and boost merchants’ entire e-commerce operations.

Features of SFCC

  • Enable Headless Commerce with SFCC.

Headless commerce decouples the front-end (UI or the head) of any website from its back-end ecommerce functionality. This allows greater flexibility and customization in terms of delivering personalized user experiences across diverse digital touchpoints. 

Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) is also one such platform that supports headless commerce by providing robust API integrations with any required or relevant front-end technology or platform. Businesses or Merchants leveraging SFCC  via Headless Commerce can very easily innovate and deliver personalized yet unified user experiences across websites, mobile apps, IoT devices, etc, for managing products, orders, and customer data. With SFCC's headless approach, companies can adapt quickly to evolving customer preferences and market trends, which otherwise becomes a challenging task with separate tools and functionalities to maintain.

In the image below, a simplified headless commerce with multiple UIs is represented. You can see decoupled frontend and the backend layers connected via APIs, with the integration established between Mobile Apps, Website UI, and In-car display with eCommerce platform (for e.g., Shopify), content management system (for e.g., Wordpress), and other microservices (for e.g., custom pricing options). 

(Image Source: Tony Hou)
  • Digital Storefronts. Users can select the ideal digital storefront for your business objectives with your choice of digital storefront templates, either via a fully headless commerce, or a hybrid approach.
  • Commerce Apps for CRM. Integrate digital commerce into your sales, service, and marketing channels at every step of your customer journey to generate more revenue. 
  • Commerce AI for Merchants. Leverage the power of conversational AI in your workflows using SFCC, and the platform also makes it pretty easy to handle any kind of task from storefront setup to growth.
  • Commerce AI for Customers. Merchants can further elevate online shopping for their customers with conversational AI and first party data, mirroring the best in-store interactions across all digital touch points.

Why integrate Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) with DataChannel for data aggregation?

Note: In order to read our detailed analysis about the SFCC supported endpoints, go through our Product Documentation. 

Access Order Data. SFCC merchants have the capability to oversee their order data, accessing various fields related to customer demographics such as names, country codes, and other specific order details. This comprehensive dataset facilitates the creation and organization of unified customer profiles, categorizing them based on order data. Moreover, this process mitigates concerns about potential data loss stemming from API modifications, schema alterations, or technical issues.

Better your ecommerce game. Utilizing your SFCC data, you can tailor shopping experiences for customers on various websites. Additionally, integrating AI-driven product recommendations enhances your e-commerce strategy. Leveraging historical data stored in your data warehouse, you can empower downstream machine learning algorithms backed by data.

Scalability. DataChannel is a scalable platform that adjusts to your expanding data requirements. With the continuous influx of order data, you can rest assured that your end-to-end data movement process remains uninterrupted. Simply set up your pipelines and seamlessly transfer data to your preferred data warehouse, enabling you to extract valuable business insights effortlessly.

Simplified Order Management. Manage all your order data from a centralized hub, namely the data warehouse. Streamline the process of identifying top-selling orders within specific customer segments and access shipping details accordingly. This enables precise control over order fulfillment processes, leading to enhanced customer service and satisfaction.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) X DataChannel for smooth eCommerce operations

SFCC enables headless commerce operations for its merchants to maintain, monitor and monitor smooth shipment and delivery processes for their customers across multiple websites and platforms. 

Start building agile order management workflows with SFCC and DataChannel today, get started with a quick demo call here.

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