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Read the TikTok Ads documentation here →

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"DataChannel is flexible and scalable. It has everything we need, from granular control over data we are integrating to a quick turnaround time by the support team."

Puneet Tripathi

Head of Analytics @ Wakefit
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"DataChannel has greatly improved our ability to access data reliably that was previously challenging to obtain."

Melvin Davis Vallully

Melvin Davis Vallully

Head of Data Analytics @ Wow Skin Science
Stars - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX Templates

"DataChannel has helped us gain access to real-time data quickly, helping us smoothen out the bottlenecks faced while analyzing data."

Minu Margeret

Minu Margeret

Founder & CEO @ BlissClub

Why choose DataChannel for your TikTok Ads and Amazon Redshift data integration

Granular control over pipeline configuration
Advanced scheduling options
Automated handling of source schema changes
Secure credential management with OAuth2
Activity & change history tracking
Real time alerts & failure notifications
Preview data without ever leaving the platform
Extensive documentation & on-screen help
Extensive Logs & complete visibility of pipeline health

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About TikTok Ads

Understand how TikTok users are interacting with your brand ’s marketing clips, use this connector to track the performance of variety of advertising metrics such as impression, spend, user action. Meet all your marketing needs with TikTok Ads. Manage and access advertising, creators, commerce and other marketing solutions in one place for quick collaboration and maximum flexibility.

Learn more about TikTok Ads API documentation.

Choose what data you would like to move from TikTok Ads

Ad Group

This pipeline can be used to request and retrieve detailed information of an ad group, which can be customized by specifying the information needed in the fields.


This pipeline can be used to request and retrieve relevant information and status of custom and automated ads in an advertiser account.

Auction Ads - Audience

This pipeline can be used to request and retrieve data for 8 dimensions such as age, gender, location, and more.

Auction Ads - Basic

This pipeline can be used to request and retrieve data at an Advertiser, Campaign, Ad Group, and Ad level.

Auction Ads - Catalog

This pipeline can be used to request and retrieve data on Dynamic Product Ads level.

Auction Ads - Playable Material

This pipeline can be used to request and retrieve data on playable material level.


This pipeline can be used to request and retrieve all the campaigns data for an advertiser account.

Learn more about what data can be integrated into your data warehouse using DataChannel in the documentation here.

Steps to Integrate TikTok Ads with Amazon Redshift using DataChannel

  1. From the DataSources section select Tiktok Ads as the data source.
  2. Select your added Redshift data warehouse as the data destination. If you have not yet added a data warehouse, go to Data Warehouse tab and add a warehouse.
  3. Authorize DataChannel to connect to your Tiktok Ads account using OAuth, similar to the process described in this Documentation page.
  4. Click on + Data Pipeline to start adding data pipelines to your account.

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